One of the most popular Black Friday items has no discount

Because it's a new console, it wasn't expected to have discounts on Black Friday. Retailers saw enough demand for it, however, that they decided to include it in their advertising anyway.

It seems to have worked.

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BadBoyC355d ago

And this is why I bought a Switch 2 months before Black Friday because I knew there would be no deals especially being that it's a new console and this is Nintendo we're talking about here.. Nintendo has been known to be pretty stubborn when it comes to dropping prices on their games, consoles and accessories so this definitely shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

Lighter9355d ago


Brawl didn't drop in price until the new Smash Bros. came out. I believe their other franchises are the same way.

Copat354d ago

That's why I bought mine on launch day way back in March! The most you'll ever see with Nintendo in the way of a discount is a digital game bundle. No massive price drops like Sony and Microsoft.

meganick354d ago

Yeah Nintendo didn’t even discount Wii U on any Black Friday during its lifespan, even in its final years, so no way will Switch be discounted.

354d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


Damn straight, I want to buy 3DS games like crazy, but most of them are still the same price as they were on release.

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ziggurcat355d ago

good job, nintendo. not surprising seeing as how they never dropped the price of the WiiU.

franwex355d ago

Yeah. I think if somehow you were to come across one at the store, it’ll probably as expensive as a switch.

fenome354d ago

I think that's one of the things that killed it too (another nail in the coffin anyways).

I still can't believe they just straight yanked it off shelves without even offering some good bundles or something at least. I guess they wanted all attention shifted over to the Switch or something, but I bet they could've moved a bunch of units if they price dropped and marketed the crap out of it.

Retroman355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

This is Nothing new . ALL retailers do the same FALSE advertisement claim a sale is on . as a ex sales person prices stay the Same . each year department stores roll out Redtag sale stub giving illusion that item price was discounted but in Reality It's not . It's the Same price before black Friday starts and Ends same price .
for example on my amazon wish list i 've added 4K UHD 48in tv at 339 last year day after black Friday. here it is 2017 black Friday price Still the same 339 . "where's the discount"

Seraphim354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I agree with you that in fact stores advertise deals when in fact they're not. This is known to be true.

However you're example of the 4k UHD on Amazon is a bad example to prove your point.

With the Switch being advertised, that is nothing new. Retailers always advertise the latest consoles even if they're not in sale. Go back to '13 and you'll see the PS4 and X1 months after launch also advertised. Go back even farther, you guessed it. These ads aren't only to advertise deals, it's to advertise products too.

LastCenturyRob354d ago

Glad to see Nintendo doing well, but they are always a bit stingy with putting items on sale.

kevnb354d ago

There was some games and 3ds stuff on sale.

jmtstan354d ago

at least they are having those sales at Eshop. that's something right?

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