Star Wars Battlefront II Could Reveal The Truth About Rey's Parents

Who would've guessed?

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gantarat324d ago

No,They are not Rey's Parents.

Sciurus_vulgaris324d ago

Revealing such a large plot point in a game would be more idiotic than Battlefront 2’s pomrogression system lol.

thorstein323d ago

Who is then?

This is most likely her parents. They leave her on Jakku to hunt down her grandfather.

It'd be great if she were a Kenobi but that is unlikely. The whole galaxy doesn't have to revolve around the Skywalkers.

Goldby323d ago

And there are probably more Star wars fans that don't have consoles vs Star wars fans that do. And if the Star wars fans that do own consoles how many docu think actually bought the game.

I know I didnt

Would Disney really be stupid enough to have a huge plot oint like that outlined in a 6 hour campaign that not everyone will play

datriax323d ago ShowReplies(1)
opinionated323d ago

I’m reallt enjoying the campaign so far. I was surprised by how fun it is and how well the character is done. She’s a badass.

Chocorocket323d ago

it was a false promo
EA told that ypu play as the empire but nooooo they had to change that after 2 missions....fck EA

morganfell323d ago

Already disproven in an article 2 weeks ago. How does this tripe get approved,, you are worthless unoriginal hacks.

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