XBE: What's in it for you?

Game Informer: "I met with Microsoft recently and had the opportunity to play around with the new update for about an hour. After talking with Albert Penello, director of global marketing for the Xbox and program manager Rob Gruhl about the decisions behind some of the changes and seeing it in action at length, it's safe to say that this update is probably going to be the best free thing most gamers are going to get this year.

The most obvious change is how information is displayed on the console. Before, users sorted through information on their Xbox 360s through a series of tab-like Blades. It was adequate, though it felt as though the blades were always lagging slightly behind controller inputs. The new system of window-shaped channels brings not only a cleaner look, but it also feels significantly faster. Scrolling between channels was instantaneous."

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I am not interested in the firmware