Top-Selling Black Friday Deals Revealed by GameStop; PS4, Switch and Xbox One Included

Black Friday is in full swing, and GameStop is celebrating all the money pouring into its coffers with enthusiastic comments and top-selling deals.

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Ashlen269d ago

PS4 unsurprisingly sold well it had great discounts $199 for the 1tb Slim and $350 for the Pro. PSVR seems to have done really well also, with many of the bundles selling out most everywhere I look.

JaguarEvolved269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

PlayStation domination across all nations

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LastCenturyRob268d ago

I'll take a knee to any playstation nation.

S2Killinit269d ago

That $199 PS4 is the magic benchmark.

_-EDMIX-_268d ago

I just bought one for my sister.

I'm going to download life is strange The Walking Dead season 1 and 2 as well as Grand Theft Auto V and maybe the Sims 4 (if they fix that weird save issue)

Gemmol268d ago

How was switch, didn't get a chance to look today

Saijahn268d ago

is there any point to getting a pro over a ps4 slim? So much talk of a ps5 in the last year makes me wonder when will the pro price drop significantly. I really want Hellblade, Horizon, and TLOU2. The first 2 games will be dirt cheap soon enough.

I'm an xbox gamer and I have the power with the X but I always enjoyed Sony's exclusive lineup better than MS. So is there any real difference between the slim and pro as far as how games run?

WilliamSheridan268d ago

I had the base model and I have a Pro now. It's not as pronounced as the difference between S and X, but it definitely is an improvement. I'm a fan of best possible version, so I still suggest the Pro over the Slim.

OB1Biker268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Well I reckon if you feel you needed an X instead of an S its probably the same reasoning for PS console.

_-EDMIX-_268d ago

To be honest if you own a 4K TV you should be looking to buy a pro.

I mean I'm not even sure what you're really questioning especially if you own an Xbox One X....

I mean so you're telling me you have no idea what an iterative system is yet you already own one?

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XiNatsuDragnel269d ago

Playstanation on top of all nations

JaguarEvolved269d ago

Playstation for your vacation

XiNatsuDragnel269d ago

PlayStation for your education

JaguarEvolved269d ago

PlayStation for your meditation

JaguarEvolved268d ago

PlayStation the best for recreation

gbsrnctaln269d ago

Playstabation all ovah their facions!

XiNatsuDragnel269d ago

PlayStation for your relations

FITgamer268d ago

@VforVideogames The funny thing is Xbox One's entire 2018 line-up so far are delayed games.

JaguarEvolved268d ago

PlayStation for your life's elevation

TheVetOfGaming268d ago

Playstation heralds mass appreciation.

XiNatsuDragnel268d ago

PlayStation to restore all nations.

butchertroll269d ago

PS4 butchered Switch and Xbone to the bone.

Sgt_Slaughter269d ago

I wouldn't call being right behind something being butchered. Obviously Switch and Xbox One sold a ton to be on that list. I love the PS4 but lets call it like it actually is instead of how we want to see it.

WeAreLegion268d ago

Worked at GameStop all day. "Right behind" is a stretch. They were miles apart.

_-EDMIX-_268d ago


So let me understand this, it's the game system that primarily plays Nintendo published games versus the game system that plays every major game publisher in the world..

🤔🤔🤔&# 129300;🤔

badz149268d ago


"system that plays every major game publisher in the world.."...except Nintendo.

come on, Nintendo is a Major publisher

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TGGJustin269d ago

No surprise really. $199 for a 1TB PS4 plus a $50 gift card was a far better deal than any of the other consoles. Yes the Xbox One S was $189 but it was only a 500GB model and as usual PS4 is the preferred platform by most. Good to hear the $350 Pro did well as well though.

Cmv38269d ago

I don't think hdd space really mattered.

Bigpappy268d ago

Casuals call it memory and think it makes the computer more powerful

CDzNutts268d ago

Right, because everybody would be totally fine with a 50 gigabyte hard drive 😂

PhoenixUp269d ago

Don’t underestimate the power of PlayStation

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