Final Fantasy XIV Switch and Xbox One Discussions are "Positive", Says Producer

FFXIV Producer Yoshi-P has stated that ongoing discussions with Nintendo and Microsoft are "positive" about bringing Final Fantasy XIV to Switch and PS4.

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Ashlen360d ago

They have been saying this about an xbox version since 2014. Given the poor sales of Japanese games including FFXV which only sold 15% of it's units on Xbox I don't see this as likely. A Switch version on the other hand seems like a great idea. FFXIV on a portable system would be great.

wonderfulmonkeyman360d ago

If they can fit it on and get it running as smoothly as Skyrim, at the least, then I'd say that would be a great idea.

But if they can't do that, then I'd prefer Squeenix "switch" their focus over to making new games for the Switch, as well as getting that remake of Secret of Mana, and the Mana Collection, localized on Switch.

_-EDMIX-_359d ago

Agreed. I felt FFXIV on Switch would make a lot of sense given that it exist on PS3 and Square is ok with having their own online UI (the very thing that MS was basically mad about)

JunMei358d ago

PS3 support ended with the launch of Stormblood the latest expansion. That said, I don't think it'd be that difficult to run on Switch. It's got plenty of ram for what the system does.

Eidolon358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Westerners love the MMORPGs, though. 15% doesn't seem too low. Didn't it release on PS4/PC and PS3 as well? Xbox One user base is smaller and way less units in Japan, but it's larger now and FFXIV is an established MMORPG.

Summons75359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

FF14...on Switch? YES PLEASE!!!!!!

I mean I own it on PS4 and I love it but taking it on the go (provided I have an internet connection obviously) my healing skills will know no bounds!

359d ago
Kaiou359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

God please no Switch port .unlike WOW, FFXIV graphics bearly improved since release because of the lowest common denominator the PS3 , they finally got rid of it and we now have large cities without loading screens, we don't need any new limiters .

datriax359d ago

You already dumped the outdated PS3 that was holding back enhancements to the game. Now you want to bring it to Switch and be right back in the same boat? Why............?

GameBoyColor359d ago

Let's not forget ps3 only had 256mb of ram and the architecture was difficult to work with. Not only is the switch much more powerful and has way more ram, it is also easier to develop for.

_-EDMIX-_359d ago


I get the PS3 isn't as strong as the PS4, but Switch is stronger then the PS3. So I'd say Square's team is on to something and maybe they see something that could really work on Switch. I think it easily can work in terms of function, but I don't know how well it will perform. I mean.....its an MMO, doesn't look kiddie at all, I just don't know how such a thing will really sell on a Nintendo system, but if they see a opening, I'll wait and see.

Trust me, they would like to not lose money more then I'd like to not see them lose money lol

bluefox755359d ago

That's a good point, hadn't considered that.

DarkKaine358d ago

1) Switch came out not too long ago while PS4 was already out when this game originally launched. The fact that you hardly see the Switch on store shelves shows there is a lot of potential for this system.
2) The Switch is extremely easy to develop for, as stated by a lot of developers and shown by the release of games like Skyrim, Doom, etc. From what I've seen, it seems to take developers about a week if not days to have something up and running.
3) The game is built with x64-x68 systems in mind. Porting it to a device that rocks ARM is actually not that difficult.

Porting it to the complicated Cell processor is simply not a viable option when the next system is already on the shelves. You'd have to rewrite a lot of code to specifically take advantage of all the SPU's and even then it might have not been worth it.

Also the Switch and PS3 cannot be compared, neither of them are more powerful than eachother. PS3 holds the advantage with the powerhouse CPU (hell, it even beats the PS4's CPU in some cases), while Switch has the advantage of having a modern and fully supported architecture that is easier to work with and supports more features. If your game is heavy on physics calculations and uses a lot of threads I think it's safe to say PS3 wins hands down, when the CPU isn't stressed that much Switch wins. In short; it depends on the game.

djplonker359d ago

As much as I would love this on switch I would be cautious since they only recently dropped support for the ps3 version and a handheld switch is only a little more powerful than a ps3 so It could be holding the game back for pc / ps4 assuming it is crossplay.

Would be impressive if they got some of the areas in stormblood to run on the switch though.

Ashlen359d ago

Well, I believe the PS3 was dropped due to memory limitations. It only had 1 GB where as the Switch has 4.

Asuka359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Not even 1GB for ps3. It was 256MB of system, and 256MB for applications (games, media apps, etc.) Where as switch has 1GB dedicated to system and 3GB for games... its not even comparable so idk why people are complaining. Switch far more competent than the ps3

bluefox755359d ago

Sure, but it's still a far cry from PS4, and would be a new lowest common denominator. People who play the game don't want it limited any more than it already is.

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