Way of Redemption - Steam and PS4 Key Giveaway [Promotion]

Our friends at Enthusiast Gaming are running a special giveaway for the game Way of Redemption. on PC (Steam) and PS4.

Way of Redemption is a MOSA, Multiplayer Online Sport Arena game, developed by Pixel Cream that offers both online and offline gameplay. With a gameplay that is simple to learn but hard to master, you will take on heroes either solo or with a partner in an attempt to destroy their portal before they destroy yours and claim victory and redemption of the Gods. Way of Redemption offers a progression system for new content, cross-play between PS4 and PC, and free updates.

If you are a fan of eSports games and want to challenge others in the arena, enter now for a chance to win a Steam or PS4 key.

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*Article is about a game only on PC and PS4*
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*Shows up in Switch section*

Chris, how many bottles of wine did you have with your turkey?XD

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Pinned items appear in every channel until they are unpinned. Afterwards they will only show in their respective channels.

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Fair enough...but you still didn't answer my question.^_- XD

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What the flying schmuck are you talking about?

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Trying to get a PS4 code and it gave me the steam code :/