Pokemon games sold over 300 million games worldwide

The Pokemon Company has announced that more than 300 million copies of the Pokemon games have been shipped worldwide.

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ZehnDrachen357d ago

They’d make even more if there was an open world, 3d pokemon game.

andydalum356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Just imagine if they madea current day pokemon snap, pokemon stadium and pokemon colosseum. Now imagine this take that number and make it wayyyyyyy higher if they released it on all 3 consoles the money they would make would be way more than nintendo would make on people just buying a swtich for pokemon. Make like a modern day digimon world 3 except pokemon and all systems omg they would be swimming in more money than they already do

slate91356d ago

Thats where marathon vs sprint come into play. Yeah, nintendo could release all of that on all 3 consoles. But it would just be blowing their load and not manifesting their ip into a long term strategy.
When the game industry pops, nintendo will definitely be one of the last standing due to be conservative and strategic.

andydalum356d ago

See now as long as they own the IP and just release on other consoles they could still use the same strategy. Example lets say they made pokemon snap and release on all consoles they don't have to come out with every game on all consoles just something to get pokemon talked about more and then release next couple games on switch. Honestly they have kinda dropped the ball on pokemon when it comes to console in my opinion.

slate91355d ago

Good point. They could do the same strategy on other consoles. Never thought of that. Nintendo seems like they want to stay in control down to the hardware as well though.