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Wil Harrington:

As gamers, we often have to face some tough decisions when it comes to choosing how and where to play our games. There isn’t always time to play all the games that we would like to and money can be tight as well. The gamer today must often choose between playing on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or just handheld or mobile options. PC has their claim to the best graphics and most adult community. PlayStation has recently been boastful about having the most exclusive games. Mobile games are huge right now, giving the ability to play in shorts spurts wherever you are. Even the Nintendo Switch overcame the “gimmicky” stigma to become a great selling console. So where does the Xbox fall in all of this?

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ZehnDrachen59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

He made a pretty weak case for the console.

Basically.. Buy an Xbox if you like Halo/Gears/Forza... and if you want to play the better third party games.. oh.. and you’ll need to buy a 4k TV to utilize the console.

uRaDecepticon59d ago

The X is higher up on the list of reasons to buy a 4k TV, more so than other things I could mention. It's the reason I bought a 4k TV....

2cents57d ago

Same, it's the ONLY reason I bought a 4k TV this black Friday. With the X i can now enjoy 4k streaming, 4k UHD Bluray and 4k gaming, in Atmos surround

Happy days.

darthv7257d ago

I enjoy the xb1. I enjoy the ps4 too. I feel people think to much about the whole situation to really put things aside and just play the games.

fiveby957d ago

The problem is not the tech. Surely the lack of interesting titles is a problem. But frankly, I have a lack of enthusiasm and don't really trust MS long term. They seem to lack a creative spirit and churn out the same games year after year. I am sure there's another Don Mattrick somewhere in Redmond just waiting in the wings.

2pacalypsenow56d ago


Unless you have 2/4 speakers in the ceiling, that Atmos is pretty useless.

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343_Guilty_Spark57d ago

So buy a PS4 if you like JRPGS/Uncharted/TLOU?


Also the X is still a great upgrade if you have a 1080p HDTV due to baked in supersampling.

Ashlen57d ago

PS4 has a lot more than JRPG's and Uncharted/TLOU.

I'm looking forward to Spider-Man, God of War, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, Ghosts of Tsushima as well as Japanese games like Little Witch Academia, Dragon Quest XI, Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 And many more.

Cyborgg57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

They have a lot more than that lmao 😁 buy a ps4 for $199 if you want to play lots of games

xX-oldboy-Xx57d ago

Nier: Automota
Days Gone
God Of War

That's a sample of 2017/2018.

I know which company I'd support with my hard earned cash.

Aceman1857d ago

I bought a 4k OLED, and have no intentions of buying a 500 box just to play multiplats. I am perfectly fine with my Pro, and Switch.

MS has to show me that their 1st party offerings can be more than the same 3 they trot out every other year.

2cents57d ago

Fair points. It will be interesting to see what comes of the final promise of software from the Xbox camp.
I'm in for the ride but I won't lie, I will be mighty pissed if they neg on their promise.
However, I am a fan of Gears, Halo and Forza and I cant wait for Crackdown and Sea of Thieves. All the other multiplats will also be played so mileage on the X will be good for a while. Let's see what 2018 and beyond brings.
If I didn't have a PS4 I would have purchased a Pro which speaks volumes as to how good the base model is, I have a day1 x1, I 'had to' get the X, which then made me 'have to' buy a 4k TV, lol.

alb189957d ago

It is fair what you are asking. In my case, I have the PS4 and the X. The best of both worlds.

jznrpg57d ago

Not better 3rd party , a little better than PS4 Pro in graphics but the same game

57d ago
NoPeace_Walker57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Ageeed with Balance2theForce,

Yes, Like I said all along keeping my OG PS4 that I already have to play the 2-3 must-haves PS exclusives every year and 99% of everything else that will perform and look better on the X Beast is the way to go.

In 2015, it was Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne and in 2016 is was Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier Automata and Persona 5 for my PS4. The PS people likes to brag about Tomorrow's Children and Knack 2 but no one cares about these second rated games just like no one cares about them Wii exclusive titles. It is all about the great AAA games and a few indie gems that you get every year.

By getting the X beast while keeping my OG PS4, I still get to enjoy my couple of Sony single player one and done exclusives every year and everything else like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Kingdom Heart 3, the next Elder Scroll, the next Gran Theft Auto, and MS exclusives on the better console and the only one that is worthy of my 4K HDR TV.

xX-oldboy-Xx57d ago

ballance2theforce - And what a title it was, a new ip too.

Now the part where you want people to tell clowns how identical PS4/Xbox One are, from memory nothing on an MS console can come close to UC4 or HZD or Ratchet & Clank.

And it was the clowns in the other camp last gen that made this a thing. Pixel counting, blades of grass etc etc

Enjoy your 3rd party 4k $700A/$500US machine, I'm sure Sea Of Thieves will live up to the hype and sell 700,000 copies.

XStation4pio_Pro57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I bought a one x for the graphics and performance. Most of my favorite games are multiplatform (gtaV, AC Origins, PCars 2 and Forza7 and now WWII) so buying an X was a no brainer for me. I have two high end 4k tvs and I like my experiences to make the most of them. I bought the PS4 pro for the same reason before the X was released. I will keep my Pro for its great exclusives but in my case the One X is a better option and runs significantly better than my pro (directly compared several games back to back). The reality is I probably only buy maybe 2-3 exclusives a year yet I will buy about 3x more multiplatform titles. To me in that context the One X is superior. The Pro is great but mostly because it’s a PS4 as an upgraded refresh it’s a bit halfassed.

NoPeace_Walker57d ago

"The reality is I probably only buy maybe 2-3 exclusives a year yet I will buy about 3x more multiplatform titles."

That is exactly why the X Beast is the system to have if you are a serious core gamers that cares about quality of your console gaming.

For instance, will GOW and Spiderman at 1260p-1440p on the Pro vs 1080p on the OG PS4 playing on my 4K TV worth it to upgrade to a PS4 Pro from a OG PS4? Heck no.

For $100 more, I get 30x more titles next year that will play 1800p-2160p on the X Beast? The answer is clear as the resolution difference that I can see on my TV. That is why my Trio consoles of The Switch, OG PS4, and the X Beast is the best mixed. I get the best of all worlds.

ILostMyMind57d ago

So If a have a XBO i'll play games better than on PS4? ... I don't think so.

Professor_K56d ago

You litteraly will. Look at all the comparison videos. The differences are outstanding but to ach their own.

ILostMyMind56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Yes, I have seen this since 2013.

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57d ago
Woolly_57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

You like what you like, you don't owe anyone an explanation.

SpaceRanger57d ago

It’s also not wrong for others to help in making people smarter consumers. With these consoles lasting several years, there is an “investment” concept that needs to be understood.

NoPeace_Walker57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

"With these consoles lasting several years, there is an “investment” concept that needs to be understood"

I agreed, Sony should have thought about this when they put out the Pro a year ago. I mean with 4K TV getting cheaper and more affordable, what was Sony doing releasing a supposed "4K" console that do the majority of the games at 1440p, only the same 8gb of ram, no UHD blu ray? 😕

The X Beast is future proof and is the best option for 4K TV owners, there is no debate on that. 👍🏼 I mean, I just can't play my OG PS4 and XB1 games on my 4K TV anymore after playing the same games on my X on my 4K TV. It is that drastic.

Godmars29057d ago

Which is the opposite of what MS is trying to do. Has done in regards to the XB1 vs XBX.

Septic57d ago

Oh thsts what the rabid fanboys are doing; helping others become smarter costumers! 🤣

"With these consoles lasting several years, there is an “investment” concept that needs to be understood."

Yes and that's why people will want to buy a future proof console, particularly for multiplats. You don't want people to get the most out of their 4K tv?

@No peace walker

"I agreed, Sony should have thought about this when they put out the Pro a year ago"

The X is certainly making the Pro look more and more lacklustre in terms of its technical prowess that's for sure. Luckily it has an excellent 1P outfit that makes the most out of the hardware

NoPeace_Walker57d ago

Agreed with Septic,

I still kept my OG PS4 around so I can play the new GOW4 and 1-2 more must-haves PS exclusives that I get each year, but for 98% of everything else like Kingdom Heart 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and etc that are coming out soon...why would I want to play them on any other consoles when there is the X available to make my 4K HDR TV happy? ☺

57d ago
Skankinruby57d ago

Bro, seriously, take off the goggles. Sony has been very smart this gen and paid attention to the direction home entertainment is heading. Investing in physical media players is foolish just as is maxing out specs on a mid gen upgrade. At least they have psvr as a proper purpose for the pro, but the X is a complete waste of money. It's fine tuning on games you can play on consoles that cost half as much. It is not 'future proof' at all, it's another 'too little too late' move by Microsoft and when next gen comes the X will be completely forgotten.

Bobafret57d ago

Thank you soooo much for making people smarter consumers/s.

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Godmars29057d ago

You do if asking someone else to buy into what you like.

Woolly_57d ago

Well, duh?

Otherwise, no explanation needed.


I didn’t need a reason to buy the X just like I didn’t need a reason to buy the Pro or Switch. I’m a gamer first and that is reason enough.

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j15reed56d ago

All I have is an X might buy a Switch one day for some on the go gaming, but having a PS4 seems like waste when I don't really play one and done games.


I wouldn’t personally call the PS4 a waste when Sony does offer some great games like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and of coarse Horizon. I use my PS4 for Sony exclusives that I like but if those games are not on your radar then I guess it would be a waste for you. Really it doesn’t matter what you game on bro just as long as you game...

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Silly gameAr57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Another day, another xbox support article that got pushed through approval. This is nothing new.
If only the mods were as anal about these articles as they are about switch or ps4 articles. Multiple articles like this get pushed through for xbox, meanwhile any article like this for any other console is failed immediately, even if it was already approved.

TheVetOfGaming57d ago

Once the first month is out the way, all they will have is comparison articles and bc upgrade articles... There's not really anything else on offer. It has power, but not a lot after that.

NoPeace_Walker57d ago

"Another day, another xbox support article that got pushed through approval"

LMAO.your post must be satire. Have you seen the top hottest headliners on N4G right now? games-high-price-will-hold-back -xbox-one-x-adoption-for-now uldnt-buy-an-xbox-one -x-has-power-but-lacks-the-game s-to-be-a-worthwhile-purchase

While the 'xbox support article that got pushed through approval' like the IGN XBQ1 9.0 review took a WEEK to be approved.

Now tell us, are your trying to be sarcastic when you posted that comment of yours?


Don’t bother using logic and proof to back up anything you say on this site apparently just throwing out blind accusations without evidence is the way to go...

57d ago
Professor_K56d ago

MUH PS EXCLUSIVES. Apparently Sony fans really have nothing worth playing if they invest all this time trolling.

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