Project CARS 2 demo features enhanced visuals for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

A playable demo being released a few months after the release of a new game is unusual and wouldn't normally be very newsworthy. What's significant about the Project CARS 2 demo, however, is that it previews some of the features that will be included in a future patch update. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X players will notice enhanced visuals, with new options that let you prioritise improving the resolution or frame rate. Players have been reported improved car engine audio and virtual reality support in the demo for the PC version as well.

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Dlaw7615d ago Show
_LarZen_15d ago

Tested it on both the Pro and X. And the X is again just killing it. Much clearer and a better experience.

Unreal0115d ago

Lol. You played it on both? Surely time is better spent.

XStation4pio_Pro15d ago

Not when you’re on holiday break with nothing to do and you wanna see just how good that new console is compared to your other one. I’ve done this with a couple games now. :)

DrumBeat15d ago

Raged? I play plenty of games on both. I'm a big Witcher fan and happily bought both console complete editions.

XStation4pio_Pro15d ago

Haha I did the same thing! Same result. The Pro version seems to tear a lot too which is strange as I rarely if ever see that on the Pro. It was immediately clear which platform runs it better though. The X is sharper, smoother by a noticeable margin.

DrumBeat15d ago

Outlast on X is much crisper as well, with that native 4k.

snoopgg10d ago

Still satisfied with the game on my pro. I haven't played it on the onex to see the difference. I'm sure the difference wouldn't make me have to buy a onex.

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sizeofyou15d ago

Hopefully some improved handling too...

MattE15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Glad they released the demo.. FR drops and ST are terrible.. won't be picking up any time soon but hopefully they get the performance locked

Dlaw7615d ago

Da X has you cover if you have a 4k hdr tv

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The story is too old to be commented.