Innovation, new IP, and putting creators first: how PS4 and PlayStation VR defy end-of-gen trends

PS4 is looking stronger than ever. The future is bright for Sony’s flourishing platform. At four years old, the PS4 is no longer new-gen.

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DarkOcelet325d ago

"First and foremost we focus on the creative side and trying to make the best games we can possibly make to make PlayStation a great place to play."

I am really glad Sony is still pumping new IP's left and right without relying just on sequels to push their hardware. It's one of the main reasons why Sony is dominating this gen. Also, Ghost Of Tsushima instantly became one of my most anticipated games to look forward to in the upcoming years. I am sure Sucker Punch will deliver another superb game.

DragonDDark325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

It's definitely great that, as stated in the article, Sony doesn't force the devs to make games they want. They just let the devs decide themselves.


I doubt that's the case, that devs have COMPLETE autonomy over what games they want to make and Sony just "runs with it".

Thegamer41325d ago

Well, it's obviously not that simple. They most likely have to pitch their concept first but, at least they are given the chance to come up with new ideas.

TankCrossing325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

"Can you rephrase your pitch as a 3rd person cinematic adventure?"

"Yeah, it can be that. Sure."

"OK then! Have all the time and funding you need!"

Sony are smashing out great games, but I think it's a bit of a fallacy to say they just let their studios do whatever they like.

DragonDDark325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

@Tank, And It's hyperbole to say all 3rd-Person games play the same.

fenome324d ago


I much prefer third person to first person so that's fine with me.

Ceaser9857361324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

"I think it's a bit of a fallacy to say they just let their studios do whatever they like."

Tank why do u think so? Did u hear any complains or an article saying the devs cant do what they want... I blv every devs under Sony has alot of freedom and hence creative ideas comes up and with brainstorming one gets selected .. Sony does have their Input as well but its the dev who comes up up with alot of ideas and one gets selected... Sony doesn't push devs to make sequel one after another ..
For example look at the new GOD OF WAR, IF Sony wanted they could have said No stick to the original Gow tone , for Last of us 2 , Sony could have said dont make it so dark and about hate... Insomniac, GG would have been stopped and asked to focus on another INFAMOUS GAME or KZ Game... Death Stranding may not have happened... and the list goes on... All these mentioned game shows Sony listen to their devs and ask them to take the final call... When you have such freedom and free minded management that's when we get fresh games... I still feel The Order will get another chance...

TankCrossing324d ago

It's kinda funny that so many people take what I said to be negative. Sony would have to be idiots to throw out millions upon millions in funding without stipulating what they expect at the end of it.

mikeslemonade324d ago

The platform is still gimped. It's relatively weaker compared to the PS3. PS3 had more games that pushed the hardware. PS4 so far only has horizon, the only game where you didn't believe that it could run on a PS4.

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_-EDMIX-_324d ago

Absolutely agreed but I would argue with one of the main reasons why this company has been able to consistently sell a large amount of consoles.

The Last of Us , Uncharted ,Infamous ,resistance fall of Man Demon's Souls , heavy rain and many more were all new intellectual properties last generation.

Sony has mated a very common practice to allow their teams to have a nice refresh if they have an idea for a new intellectual property and I believe that type of trust is something that is difficult to come by in this business.

How many Publishers inside of gaming can we really say you could guarantee with absolute certainty that you will see a new series The Next Generation buy a large amount of their teams?

You're not going to see Activision were Electronic Arts doing anything like that in fact I would say Ubisoft is probably the closest third-party developer out there that was cranking out lots of neutral AAA properties this generation, Watch Dogs the division skull and bones for honor and many more.

This is a rare occurrence in gaming, yet this is an extremely common practice by Sony.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you sell game systems every generation.

WelkinCole324d ago

It makes business sense as well. I mean out of the 4 gens Sony has participated they have dominated 3 and was close second in one which was due mainly from being late and too expensive at the start.

The idea is simple

Make games that many people want to play and can only play on the playstation. You do this and people will come to you.

In order to do this though you have to take a log term view/approach. You don't just do games that are sure to make money.

Most importantly you look after the people that you have that will make the games. You give them support to do what they they know is best instead of what the corporate suits thinks is best. Game developers know better about making games that corporate suits. So Sony are smart in listening to their devs and support them with regards to making games.

In doing this it translate to better games which therefore attracts more gamers meaning more money for Sony. Everyone wins and this is the way it should be. Soony has been doing this from the start and the results speak for themselves.

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maybelovehate325d ago ShowReplies(23)
AizenSosuke325d ago

Sony is the leader while others follow shortly behind

ILostMyMind324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Not so shortly. MS, for example, doesn't even know what it's doing in the console market.

xX-oldboy-Xx324d ago

Trying to figure out how to monopolize it, the sooner their gone the better.

DeadSilence325d ago ShowReplies(1)
PEEPer325d ago

I love Sony. No pre-launch season passes. No exclusive content hidden behind 15$ plastic toys dlcs (BotW amiibos) and no microtransactions. You just spend 60$ and have the full experience. If you want you can buy an massive expansion that doesn't interfere with the main game.

2pacalypsenow325d ago

Although I agree with you, GT6 and GTS both hame MT's, same with uncharted 3.

PEEPer325d ago

GTS has no MT and no paid dlc. :)

Chevalier325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

GTS is getting FREE new game play modes, cars and tracks though. Unlike say Zelda locking a setting behind a amiibo or Forza selling you cars and tracks etc.

2pacalypsenow325d ago

Ignore GT Sport, I thought it did.

2pacalypsenow324d ago

Lol 11 people disagree that GT Sport has MT..

Maybe it does then?

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