Dark Souls Runs At Mostly Stable 30 FPS On Xbox One X Using Backwards Compatibility

Dark Souls is notorious for its frame rate issues when it launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360, however it seems to have been fixed using backwards compatibility on Xbox One X.

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OpenGL358d ago

I found that really funny. I get that it's a 360 game being run through their BC emulation but laptops run this game better than the Xbox One X. An Intel integrated GPU would probably play Dark Souls with a better framerate than what the BC version provides on Xbox One.

Cyborgg358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Facts. All these articles showing the One X playing old games are getting boring. I want Microsoft to show some new exclusives with the One X power.

Vegamyster358d ago

Blighttown runs horribly on all platforms which is where the bulk of the performance issues are, on my PC i get 60 fps pretty much for the entire game but only 30 fps in this section of the game.

NoPeace_Walker358d ago

And at the same scene, the XB1 and 360 ran at 12fps.

This is emulation after all. There is only so much you can do with this game at certain scenes that that are notoriously slow fps. In most cases, the XB1 rock a solid 30fps.

2pacalypsenow359d ago

I don't think it has been enhanced for Xbox 1 X.

If they applied a patch I'm sure it would run at 60fps.

I wish they updated Dying light to run at 60fps, it runs like ass.

kevnb358d ago

They won’t patch in 60 FPS, maybe better visuals and a more stable 30 FPS at best.

ULTp0ltergeist358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

on an emulator btw, so a lot can be done here.

besides the game itself isn't that optimized.

specialguest357d ago

If it's only 30fps on the Xbox 1X, Imagine how much lower it would be on the PS4pro being that it's a much weaker console

ziggurcat359d ago

"Dark Souls is notorious for its frame rate issues..."

It's actually frame pacing, which is wholly different than frame rate.

MasterCornholio358d ago

I notice similar issues with DarkSouls 3 on my PC.

ziggurcat358d ago

every souls game has frame pacing issues.

starchild358d ago

Hmm Dark Souls 3 is perfectly smooth on my PC.

Sciurus_vulgaris358d ago

The Fromsofts engine for the Souls-series and Bloodborne is not well optimized.

DarXyde358d ago

Demon's Souls, and Dark Souls I-III, sure.

Bloodborne has some issues, but I thought the game majorly ran pretty well.

Sciurus_vulgaris358d ago

Bloodborne had the same performance issues as Dark Souls 1-3. Frame pacing issues, frame drops, low frame rate enemies (usually at a distance). Rom the Vacuous Spider, and Amygdala had very low frame rate boss fights and animations. Bloodborne didn't maintain performance well when there was lots of particle effects, such as fog, just like Dark Souls 1-3.

DarXyde358d ago

I'm not saying it's flawless. I acknowledge it has performance issues. What I'm saying is the issues were, in my experience, less problematic. I've played all of those games extensively (I have the platinum trophy for each) and I feel that Bloodborne does the best in terms of maintaining the most stable performance.

Movefasta1993358d ago

Solid performance but blightown wins this one lol

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