The life of Brian

Screen Play: "We all know trolls; we expect them to be angry, antagonistic, even insulting beings when applying their brand of writing to the internet forums and blogs. However my visit to the home of Brian has enabled me to tell you what they are really like (hence the reason I am now in hiding).

Brian is a 24 year old 'person', as he likes to ensure I call him, who lives by himself and openly admits to posting inflammatory remarks about anything technologically related on the internet, although as he puts it:

"I really prefer the console flaming, as they seem the easiest to work into a frenzy. I don't even have to really put much effort into that."

"It's so easy to do, I just have to mention the hardware problems for the Xbox 360, or say a lack of games on the PS3 or just call the Wii a gimmick and the vitriol just pours in."

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