The best Ultra-HD games to play on your PS4 Pro

AllGamers give you the run down of the best games to play on your PS4 Pro. Perfect for those who've just snagged one in the Black Friday deals.

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maybelovehate384d ago

The word "Ultra" is very misleading here.

Razzer383d ago

They should have said “true 4K”?

NoPeace_Walker383d ago

Nah, Sony referred it as "Dynamic 4K" now. Which is still misleading as hardly any games on the Pro is dynamic 4K.

Razzer383d ago

Blah.....don't really care what they call it. If Sony keeps creating games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted, which look better than anything else available anywhere, all is well.

sizeofyou383d ago

And yet NPW...there's still dynamic 4K on the Xbox X too.
Give it a rest eh?
I've got an X and enjoying Forza and Sunset Overdrive - and looking forward to playing The Crew 2, Far Cry and RDR2. Disappointed in Gears - but that's just it. A game is a different experience for everyone. And a good game is a good game for someone regardless of pixels, frames and most importantly...platform.

Skull521383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

Don't think any of those titles are actually in ultra HD, Fifa perhaps?

GNCFLYER383d ago

I'm fine with CB. Wish, hope more games use it. Even DF was impressed by CB when compared directly to native 4k.

morganfell382d ago

"Nah, Sony referred it as "Dynamic 4K" now. Which is still misleading as hardly any games on the Pro is dynamic 4K."

Horizon Zero Dawn says it doesn't care what you call it, and frankly neither do I. I have no idea what res HZD runs at and I do not care. It is amazing and my personal GOTY. It isn't available on PC (that I have to pretend doesn't exist so I can brag about my resolution while not having any games) nor on any other platform except the PS4.

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guyman383d ago

And yet Horizon zero dawn, Uncharted LL and ratchet and clank look just as good if not better than any "True 4K" Game. Lol

Funny what happens when you actually have talented devs at your disposal

shloobmm3383d ago

So basically just Fifa 18 is the only Ultra 4k game on the list

AKS382d ago

+shloobmm3 Native 2160p, yes, FIFA and also NBA2K18 are. Horizon has the same pixel count as 2160p but alternates reprojecting half the pixels. It doesn't look quite as sharp as native because the reprojected pixel data isn't 100% accurate in motion like native but it still looks exceptional.

Bluemaster77382d ago

Very Misleading. Seeing as the PS4 rarely if ever actually hits 2160P

sizeofyou382d ago

So a black screen of 2160P is a sight to behold...

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AizenSosuke384d ago

" The Must play games on PS4 Pro" there change the article for you ;)
Gin we're out.

Fist4achin383d ago

Just some great games overall regardless of how they look.

kevnb383d ago

On my 50 inch tv I can’t really tell 4K from 1440p with checkerboarding from a normal distance.

GNCFLYER383d ago

It's unfortunate people quit playing games and started playing pixel.counts.

It's a fact too.

Razzer382d ago


Exactly. If I have to pause the screen and zoom in on every detail to notice differences, I’m no longer playing a game.

Razzer382d ago

And what does DF do to highlight those textures? Zoom in. lol

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maybelovehate383d ago

Try it again with your glasses on

DrumBeat382d ago

I like how DF is suddenly null and void when they were the ammo of Sony fanboys for years.

strifeblade381d ago

he's probably right. To truly enjoy 4k, you need a 65 inch and sit within 7 feet to enjoy full benefits of 4k and high end tvs for hdr. Fact is xbox is made for gamers with elite setups, that have sound systems that take advantage of dolby atmos, that want 4k players to enjoy 4k movies. These are the gamers that microsoft have in mind ultimately and the downsampling s great too for everyone else without 4k tv.

Kevn is lucky his setup doesnt allow him to enjoy full benefits of 4k, because if it did the the pro would dissapoint from a technical standpoint. Personally I have everything I just talked about to take advantage of the x, and its glorious

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