CDKeys Huge Black Friday Sale Begins Today; Up To 70% Off Xbox One, PS4 & PC Codes

ThisGenGaming says "CDKeys have started their huge Black Friday sale which includes some amazing deals on digital codes. Includes amazing deals like PUBG on Xbox One for only £17.99! Check out which we feel are the best deals being offered."

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Cyro59d ago

Got DOOM for $10. Really good deals if you game if on PC.

59d ago
Razzer59d ago

Wolfenstein II For $25 on PC. Wow.

crazychris412459d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Crazy how fast the price dropped. I bought it at full price, never expected to get a 50% sale in less than a month.

Razzer58d ago released alongside a crowd of games. Probably not the best timing.

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Palitera59d ago

Are these guys/codes legit?

DaMist59d ago

i've bought a good amount off them, never a problem.

RSKnight59d ago

Yes the codes are legit, I've been buying from them a lot. Just got Dishonored 2 this time.

Vegamyster58d ago

I've been using them for years, they're legit.

frostypants58d ago

Codes work. Their legality is questionable.

letsa_go58d ago

How would you know about their legality? Or are you just making stuff up because you are ignorant?

Black0ut58d ago

Cdkeys are a legit game code seller. They're nothing like that pile of dodgy crap that is G2A.

_-EDMIX-_58d ago

You could question of legitimacy, but this company has been around for years.

If they weren't doing anything shady or illegal trust me Publishers would have had a field day looking to shut them down.

Chumdiddy58d ago

They're almost always legit but mostly purchased with stolen/scammed money. There are endless examples on the internet of people tracing scam callers and scammer by name to these businesses.

Sure, Steam and others sell extras for cheap and they aquire them by legit means as well but some have speculated that half of their stock is bought in dirty money. That game/subscription didn't magically become 50% off there.

Cyro57d ago

That's not true for cdkeys though. They're a legitimate reseller that have many business relationships with many game distributors. I've never heard any complaint of scams or fraud unlike G2A and other similar sites.

Chumdiddy57d ago

Can't directly reply to your comment, Cryo.

Yes, it applies to CDKeys. Less and less over time but a scammer in Canada was just traced back to them the other day.

Some sites are almost entirely stolen money.

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Software_Lover58d ago

Man, just bought Forza Horizon 3 with Hot Wheels DLC for $32. Thanks

Razzer58d ago

That is an incredible deal. Well done!