The Story Behind Concrete Genie, PlayStation's Next Wistful Wonder

One of the more pleasant surprises during an occasionally bleak Sony conference at last month's Paris Games Week was the reveal of Concrete Genie - a wistful third person adventure game gently exploring themes of bullying and childhood through luscious hand drawn art that stands out in contrast to its moody urban environment.

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PhoenixUp361d ago

It’s really awe inspiring how diverse Sony’s first party offerings can be at times

TheVetOfGaming360d ago

I agree. 3 people obviously don't like originality in games. This looks really interesting.

AizenSosuke361d ago

It's amazing how diverse, creative, and free their lineup compared to others.

Cy360d ago

Did you get your comments from the same sheet?

Takwin360d ago

Surely these companies aren't sending people to pump up their products on a site as relatively obscure as N4G, right? But those two similar comments are creepy.

TheVetOfGaming360d ago

I know, right? I'm amazed at how diverse and inspiring this game looks. Although, it does look really interesting.