Why Nintendo’s early success with Switch may translate to better third-party support

Nintendo’s new console is beloved by millions and selling like mad, but will it get the multiplatform games its predecessors lacked?

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jonivtec302d ago

Suddenly... dev start to find the switch powerfull enough to run their game...If there is money to do...they will find a way....pretty sure ubisoft will come next year with assassins creed ...or far cry.

mikeslemonade301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Don't hold your breath.

302d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Well, things are certainly looking up for it at least.
We've got Square-Enix saying they now want to actively create new games, and revive old games, and bring them to the Switch.

If they come out with a port of Kingdom Hearts III and make a third entry in the Bravely series for the Switch, I'll be extremely satisfied.
I'd be happiest if they'd localize those two Mana games they're working on for Switch, though. [Secret remake and Mana collection]

Shiken301d ago

Well it is all about install base. If people buy it, devs will want to develop for it. It is not rocket science...