15 Things That Would Need To Be Cut From A Final Fantasy VIII Remake

Will Squall and the SeeD crew return to our consoles someday? If it did, Square Enix really need to make some changes before welcoming Final Fantasy VIII back.

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-Foxtrot384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

The "A Villain Without A Cause" point could easilly be fixed if they just confirm the Rinoa/Ultimecia theory...I don't know why Square continue to deny it when subtle hints are scattered throughout the game. Do this and youve literally given Ultimecia a motive, she would think it would be because she was going to be killed by a member of SeeD but really since Squall is that person it's actually because she wants to be with him since he died (of old age) and couldn't be her knight anymore protecting she wants to compress all of time so she can feel what she did back then. However because of the GFs memory loss (made Squalls Griever a powerful being), the fact years have passed and that she's become corrupted with grief she wouldn't actually know why she wants to do it, not to mention with how the world changed at the end of FF8 I bet people won't be too kind to sorceresses in the future like Rinoa.

Kind of poetic that the person she'd want to be with is the person who kills her.

Most of these points don't need to be cut they just need more development on them like the "Ragnarok Out Of Nowhere!", if more chatter was going on about it throughout the game it would be like "Oh that's that thing people were talking about".

Fist4achin384d ago

FFVIII was good, but certainly not my favorite. A remake would be cool, but i am more excited for 7 and woukd love to see 6 redone.