If you buy one thing on Black Friday let it be Hellblade

MWEB GameZone writes: "Let at least one of your Black Friday purchases matter and get to play a really amazing game in the process."

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Sillicur266d ago

It is on my wishlist, hoping to grab it today!

mikeslemonade265d ago

No. Free on PC. And it's overhype and flopped game.

Lionalliance265d ago

uhh, how is it flopped if it is making revenue for the developers?

lelo2play265d ago

The game did not flop. It sold quite well... but it's not a good game. Great graphics but too weird for me. Played it for a hour or so and gave up. Simply wasn't enjoying the game.

Christopher265d ago

You not liking it doesn't mean it flops. Sales determines that. Sales say it is doing better than most Indies and better than some AAA games.

Blastoise265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

So by "free on PC" you mean pirate one of the very few microtransaction, season pass and DLC free games released this year?

KwietStorm265d ago

Well there's always that one guy

Testfire265d ago

It didn't flop, and it's already been announced that the game is making a profit on each sale going forward.

FinalFantasyFanatic265d ago

I'm waiting for a big enough price drop, my friend played it and likes it but it doesn't have enough play time to justify a $25 price tag.


Care to explain your reasoning for saying it is a "flop."

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joab777265d ago

At least to support them. Great devs and great development model for future games.


Fully agree with you, they need to be supported as they've done something new and important for gaming.

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AnubisG266d ago

I want to get this but I don't like to buy digital only games. As soon as they release this on a disc, I will buy it. Maybe Limited Run Games could do it.

TheVetOfGaming265d ago

I was the same up until about 3 months ago. Always wanted physical copies, but the only one I have now is HZD. Every other game I have is digital.

AnubisG265d ago

I think that's a personal preferrance. I like to see my collection on a shelf. I kind of old fashioned that way.

v_eno_m266d ago

i will definitely support them. This team will continue to shine.


They've had a few mishaps with earlier titles, but Hellblade definitely lifted the bar. We're excited to see what's next from them.

opinionated265d ago

All these cheap ass games and you’re pushing hellblade? Okay..

Araragifeels 265d ago

Hellblade is a good game for a AAA indie.

opinionated265d ago

Eh, it’s alright. I liked the Norse elements but the pacing is super slow and the combat arena style is kinda lame. For 20 bucks you can get an ass load of games right now. Get hellblade when games aren’t on sale lol.

yomfweeee265d ago

Maybe true but his point is $60 games are currently as cheap as this indie. Maybe if it was 50% of like most everything else.

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The story is too old to be commented.