Metroid Prime: One Of The Best Shooters Ever Was Published By Nintendo

Fifteen years after its original release, CV look back at a genre classic.

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Gaming4Life1981384d ago

I loved the first metroid prime and it is a classic. They should HD remaster it on the switch cause I'm sure all metroid fans would buy it.

384d ago
Dragonscale384d ago

One of my all time favorite games. Got a gamecube for it.

Nodoze384d ago

Such fond memories of this game and the time I spent in this world. Loved the 3D map, exploring the world and investigating everything. I have the bundle for Wii...but it still sits in my massive pile of shame. The backlog is real. One year I will be able to play.

I always wondered if the Wii controls for it as an FPS improved controls (not that the original needed improvement).

Venox2008384d ago

I personally love Wii controls on Metroid prime trilogy..but I like original ones on gamecube too

Mr Lahey384d ago

It's a great game. But my favourite is Super Metroid!

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