1UP: White Knight Chronicles Preview

1UP: "The often teased White Knight Chronicles has reared its head in video form at TGS. Aside from turning heads with its eye-popping graphics and action-game styling, this PS3 exclusive from Level 5 aims to mix up the standard Japanese-RPG formula by adding the limited ability to change into a giant white knight when fighting overpowered foes. Though we haven't seen much of the game, the most recent trailer shows more colorful environments, fantastic humanoid creatures, and giant monsters."

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GametimeUK3516d ago

and I will kill myself on a live feed

btw this game looks awesome

tocrazed4you3516d ago

this is awesome, note that this is an rpg that was not expected to have online and now there is online making it a lot better, but is there TROPHIESSS!!!

pwnsause3516d ago

of course there will be trophies, its required on all first party and second party games.

Mozilla893516d ago

I hope not I want it sooner but anyways this looks awesome in addition to an epic single player campaign we get multiplayer? I hope it has its own story a la Resistance 2.