PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Gets More Screenshots Showing New Cars and GT League

Following the announcement made on Wednesday, Sony has released more screenshots of the updates coming to Gran Turismo Sport.

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UCForce22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Those car models look amazing especially they look more like a premium product. And they made a promise that they are bringing the old cars.

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Apocalypse Shadow22d ago

Don't know why I keep getting that Speed Racer feel from that car every time I see it. It looks awesome though.

More goodness from Polyphony.

yeahokwhatever22d ago

I'm going to paint it like the mach 1 asap!

IRetrouk18d ago

Single player campaign along with doing every track in arcade mode took me over 50 hours, right now i am sitting at 70 odd hours played, this update is only gonna add to that number, and i still have not played a single online race yet.
Obviously there will be cars being worked on at various times and are futher along than others, forza has a history of releasing between 6 and 10 cars a month, never see you say the same thing about that. Why does it mean its rushed or held back, either it wasnt ready or pd started working on it when fans started asking questions about the cups, play the game moldy, infact if you want i will do the gameshare thing with ya so you can try it, the driving is unbelievable.

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AizenSosuke22d ago

This game still is the best looking game of this gen in my perspective.

Dlaw7622d ago

I respect that you did say from your perspective

AizenSosuke22d ago

Thank you not a lot people on this site say perspective

AKS21d ago

No, he was posting Nigel Farage's perspectives about GT Sport under his monicker. Who else's perspective would it be but his own?

Altovoltage22d ago

Same here. Beautiful looking game specially with HDR

yeahokwhatever22d ago

congratulations, you passed your eye exam.

AKS21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I still have Horizon as my #1 overall for console graphics (Frozen Wilds looks even better than the base game, too), but regarding HDR, GT Sport is easily the best I've ever seen with Horizon and Ratchet being beautiful yet nevertheless distant runners up. Rather than the typical HDR beginner approach of showing some shiny brighter-than-usual highlights here and there and looking like it was patched in after the game was completed, GT Sport's HDR implementation looks like it was constructed from the ground-up for a $10,000 OLED. The presence of HDR is obvious during every moment in practically every frame. Racing past pillars with rays of sunlight gleaming past them is a sight to behold.

Knushwood Butt21d ago

I don't have HDR but even the lighting on Nurburgring at dusk or dawn looks amazing.

I'm sure seeing it in HDR would blow my mind.

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