Child of Light is a Love Letter to Fables and JRPGs

Kotaku: “Child of Light is a beautiful game and a mesmerizing experience that crafts a perfect fusion between RPGs and platforming. In many ways, it encapsulates what I love most about JRPGs, which are wondrous worlds with engrossing mechanics and a charming cast.”

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spambot081558d ago

Do we finally get a sequel?

ZehnDrachen58d ago

one of the last Ubisoft games i've played. This game was great

PhoenixUp58d ago

I got the game cuz of the great engine that was also used for Rayman Origins & Legends

Fist4achin58d ago

Cool little game! This made me buy digital , which is something i rarely do. The only other exceptions i have made were bastion, never alone, and guacamelee.

FTLmaster57d ago

Wonderful game. Would love a sequel!

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