Xbox One X Gets First Price Drop Promotion; Scorpio Edition Also Restocked On Amazon UK

ThisGenGaming says "Amazon UK has dropped the price for the Xbox One X for Black Friday 2017 along with restocking the Scorpio Edition."

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bloodyspasm360d ago

I wonder how they can keep restocking the Scorpio Edition? Weren't those limited?

thekhurg360d ago

They had day one editions of original launch console well over a year after launch.

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VforVideogames360d ago

Microsoft don't know the meaning of limited edition.

RosweeSon359d ago

That was a bit different tho as sales were struggling compared to as they were saying Scorpio fastest selling console we’ve had etc etc. Sold out?... if this was nintendo we’d be hearing cries of artificial demand, when actually it’s just one company understands the word limited means you don’t produce millions.
Bit like when battlefield upgraded all players all pre ordered standard edition to the Limited Edition?... so it’s limited to 5 million?.. and there’s no standard edition now 🙄😂✌🏻&# 129299;🕹

thekhurg359d ago


If you go back, you'll find that MS said the OG Xbone was also their fastest selling console ever. So it's kind of the exact same thing.

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Razzer360d ago

Obviously the Scorpio Edition was not nearly as limited as they let on. Major Nelson said during its reveal that when they were sold out there be no more. And yet, here they are.....yet again.

Godmars290360d ago

Holy negative Nintendo Batman!

kevnb360d ago

either that or they just didnt sell many.

spreadlove360d ago

They also said they released all of the Scorpio Editions, and MS cannot stop retailers from holding stock for a variety of promotions. Some were also delayed as there are major stock issues with Xbox One X.

Razzer360d ago

MS released all the Scorpio editions but some were delayed? lol...what? Post the links cuz none of that makes sense.

butchertroll360d ago

So, they lied just to create a false narrative how XboneX is selling good. Not the first time from them.

Btw, in 2nd week XboneX sales feel of a cliff in UK. Really, there is no numbers like for the launch week.

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S2Killinit360d ago

Seems like they arent selling that well.

RosweeSon359d ago

Because it was obviously the more popular of the 2 set ups they launched X with standard and Scorpio x edition whatever it’s called. The snazzier titled one sold more sales are stalling on what can we do restock the Limited now not so limited edition. What’s the point of a limited edition console when over half the users (at these point I guess/suggest) have the Scorpio x edition hardly makes it Limited ey.

conanlifts359d ago

None of them are that limited. The uncharted PS4 version was listed as limited yet I can still purchase it in numerous stores. Scorpio was limited but never that limited. Even MS said it was the fastest and highest selling xbox console they had.

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Maybe they learned from Nintendo about limited

kevnb360d ago

they got nothing on nintendo lol, people actually want nintendo systems.

hamburgerhill360d ago

Correction....people want Nintendo exclusives which are only found on nintendo systems.

Malacath359d ago (Edited 359d ago )


People actually want Xbox systems too. Seriously fanboys are a disgrace to gaming.

Instead of accepting that all 3 systems, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox are great in their own right they resort to hating the console they don't own.

yeahokwhatever359d ago

The high road seems like an easy one to take, but can you tell me at what point someone is allowed to hate a console? I hated my XBOX360. It made horrible buzzing sounds and lacked a lot of really good games found on my PS3. The 360 was a waste of my money. I hate that console. I generally hate Microsoft's passionless foray into gaming. The XBOX brand's crowing achievement was convincing people that paying monthly to connect your console to the internet was somehow a good idea. PC STILL doesn't charge you and magically people are able to play together on that.

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Cyborgg360d ago

They're available at my local target right now

rakentaja360d ago

You can still but White Lion chocolate bar, it was more than a 10 years ago limited time only.

Ashlen360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Well buying something from ebay or resold buy some person who bought it years ago then saved it to sell later isn't the same thing as Amazon selling their first run stock.

Ashlen360d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they had some sort of agreement with Amazon to remove them from shelves so they could make their fastest selling claim.

There seems to be a lot of false information going on about sales on this thing. Like GameStop repeatedly saying they are selling out even though they have constantly been in stock.

Kiwi66360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Yet you can still get limited editions of games & consoles etc long after release as for example you can still get the limited edition starwars battlefront 2 console

Ashlen360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Kiwi neither Sony nor EA had a press release stating the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 sold out... And they definitely didn't make all sorts of press releases and have their executives out hyping up the media about "fastest selling console".

If Microsoft hadn't made that statement about the Scorpio Edition I promise you I wouldn't be scrutinizing it now.

rakentaja360d ago

Limited Edition chocolate...on shelves 10 years straight and counting..........there is no logical meaning behind this sentence to them.....Limited....what is limited?

This is just one example, of many.

Kiwi66360d ago

My point is more about the fact that "limited editions" can be brought at pretty much anytime which is kind of stupid if they're supposed to be of a few in number

letsa_go360d ago

I like how these fanboys are like...well there is old chocolate that is still selling that was limited...therefore microsoft did nothing wrong. lol Pathetic and delusional as always.

conanlifts360d ago

They are being restocked with weekly shipments. My guess is some stores were selling out but the main warehouse has stock from each resupply.

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WilliamSheridan360d ago

If people cancel orders or hold back supply.

RosweeSon359d ago

Yeah limited to whoever wants one or the nearest million 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

Razzer359d ago

Yep. Unless they actually say how many are being made, “limited” is a very loose term.

This is a real limited edition.

RosweeSon359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

It sure is Razzer and yeah that’s a limited one (the PS4 in the link you posted) very nice one at that, I did have one just couldn’t afford to keep it in the collection. Sure I’ll regret it when they going for thousands Haha
Some of the club Nintendo 3ds’ and poke center consoles from Nintendo are fantastic and actually limited as well hence we never see them around haha.

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DiRtY360d ago

Oh, come on!
Gaming journalism is at an alltime low.

"The major retailer is offering the console at £429.99 which is a £30 drop in price as a special deal for Black Friday 2017."

The Xbox One X is £449! You do the maths.

DiceAndRice360d ago

Wow a minor typo means "gaming journalism is at an all time low" talk about an over reaction.

thekhurg360d ago

It's the internet. Everyone is a professional over-reactor.

morganfell360d ago

And everyone in the media is a professional liar.

letsa_go360d ago

It is an xbox fanboy, over reactions are their forte.

LoveSpuds360d ago

Not seeing those kinds of deals on Ninty hardware though.

asmith2306360d ago

Microsoft panicking already.

TGG23360d ago

It's not MS though or an official price drop. It's price drop promotion from Amazon which won't last long.

Cmv38360d ago

When a single retailer does this, it usually means their stock is way too high, and need to get the systems out of the warehouse. Remember, all units shipped are paid for by the retailer. They don't get their profit until the system is sold to the customer.

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