PS4 vs. PS4 Pro - Which Is Right For You?

The PS4 is king of the console crop, so which should you opt for? The PS4 Slim, or the PS4 Pro? This article helps those undecided to decide.

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PhoenixUp360d ago

I immediately got the base model cuz it was attractively cheaper and I have no regrets

solderman359d ago

I got a PS4 Pro and would recommend a PS4 over it. Why? Because the PS4 Pro support for games doesn't seem to be coming on the discs anymore. So what happens in the future when I can no longer get patches for these games? The Pro becomes a standard PS4 again. I would apply the same argument to the Xbox One X when you can't download their monster patches anymore.

Damthatsword359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

The same logic applies to the ps4. Unpatched games on og ps4 is horrid. Bloodborne on boost mode keeps it's 30 fps locked. Unlike the garbage 20-25 fps on og ps4. Over all depends on what u can tolerate. I game on pc, so the pro was a given. I will not tolerate the overall bad performance of the og.

starchild359d ago

The somewhat higher cost of the Pro is well worth it. Games look and run better on it. I wouldn't choose the base PS4 personally. I sold my original PS4 and got a Pro as soon as it came out and I'm very happy with my decision.

outsider1624359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Starchild, does it improve performance on a 32inch tv. Or do u need a 4k tv to see all those bells and whistles. I just got a good deal selling off my 4year old Og ps4. I'm deciding to get a new one.

Rude-ro359d ago

Everything is improved due to boost mode.
Games that do not currently support a higher res, means you will be playing the same version, but with better performance.

OmnislashVer36359d ago (Edited 359d ago )


Boost mode for higher FPS as well as higher res if your TV is 1080p on some games. For example FFXV is around 800p but will display 1080p on the Pro, same with Battlefront, Neir Automata, and KH2.8 being 900p.

I bought a Pro for that, but also because I plan to upgrade to 4K in the next year.

robleroy359d ago

Anyone with a psvr should get a pro.
This combo is the best VR sollution overall.

The enhanced VR experience beats added 4K or HDR... Why??....during 99% of the time of gameplay players actually are less focussed on resolution.
You are more focussed on what button to push when a certain small part of the whole screen (ball, object,bot) acts.

With psvr on a pro the whole picture /world becomes more clear and less washed. And in VR gamers focus 90% of the time on their surroundings during gameplay.
In 2d gameplay its the other way around.

sammarshall102360d ago

I bought the standard PS4 and it immediately moved into my top consoles of all time list I'm very satisfied with the regular model

BadBoyC360d ago

If you don't have a 4K TV then get the base PS4.
If you don't have a PS4 and have a 4K TV then the Pro is the obvious choice.
If you have a 4K TV and the base PS4 then you honestly don't have to upgrade unless you're not tight on money and want too upgrade like I did.

That's just the way I look at it.

robleroy358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Is 4K instead of 1080P worth the extra 50% cost $$???.
IMO :no!!...4K does not give the game 50% added positive game experience. but HDR does have a bigger impact than 4K.
A 4K TV screen within games just gives you the option to pause while gaming and focus on minor details to bloat about the extra horsepower in the graphics engine which is barely noticed by casual gamers.
It is mostly noticed by bystanders who watch the gamer play the game on at least a 55 inc tV and within a range of 1.5 meters.

IMO (in the given order the 1st would have the highest reason/priority) :
1)Do you have or want a PSVR: yes..certainly..for 80% choose a pro.. playing some VR games on the OG PS4 is like playing without glasses (for people with little weak eyeglasses).
2)DO you have or want a good HDR TV?: yes ..I would mostly opt.for 30% choosing a ps4 pro
3)DO you have or want a 4K TV: Then maybe, if you have spare change ..for 10% choose a ps4 pro
(not like in VR.with 2D games a gamer is less focused on the surroundings thus the resolution. In VR you are a lot more focussed on your game surroundings during gamplay..resolution and sharpness will matter and enhance the gameplay experiance)

Ben12359d ago

I don't want either. Xbox one x for me. That's right the console with more power and better resolution. Say what you want but when ps4 was the more powerfull. all the ps fans were all over xbox fans. So take it like a man and suck it up.

Razzer359d ago

Were “all” the Xbox fans saying resolution didn’t matter back then? That seemed to be the argument for many, but since you are generalizing “all”....

combatcash359d ago

Everything matters but honestly I think most Xbox gamers mainly play third party games. So it makes sense for them to buy the X.

JackBNimble359d ago

Well I guess if you don't have much for exclusives then obviously you're going to play more third-party games.

combatcash359d ago

@Ben12 I think you’re lost, this is about PS4 and PS4 pro. IMO PS4 or PRO top the X in variety and quality of games.

GNCFLYER359d ago

Ben acts like he's 12.....

DarXyde359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Who the hell is talking about Xbox One X? This is a matter of PS4 Pro or PS4.

Way to stay on topic and instigate. This is why people get up in arms. Because people like you will turn topics like this into pissing matches.

No one above you is talking about Xbox One. No one cares, shut up, go away.

This gets old.

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TheVetOfGaming359d ago

Sold my OG ps4 for $200 two weeks ago and bought a slim 1tb for the same price. The OG was getting loud, and I managed to snag a good deal on the slim. I'm good until PS5 arrives.

Eidolon358d ago

Someone bought it for $200? O_O

TheVetOfGaming358d ago

Yh. I had an old turtle beach and one game in the bundle, but it was an old game and the mic was missing from the headset. Sold it, then went straight to an independent game store and haggled a 1tb slim down to $200. Bargain.

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