CAPCOM To Encourage People To Play Monster Hunter World Online; Players Will Feel Unique

CAPCOM plans to encourage people to play Monster Hunter World online and earn bonuses. They also want you to feel like a "unique" hunter.

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ccgr387d ago

Still gotta try this series

xX-oldboy-Xx387d ago

excited for the upcoming beta, hopefully this game is huge

Cueil387d ago

living that 2 job life haven't heard anything about a beta where do I sign up?

rezzah387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Own a playstation 4 (beta is exclusive) and maybe have PSN+ active at the time.

Seraphim387d ago

Dec 9th on PS4 is the Demo/Beta weekend; PS+ required. And I'm assuming it'll last only the weekend. All they've said, that I know of, is that'll be at least 3 days. Seems a lot of these demo/betas that drop are weekend demos more so than an actual beta.

FinalFantasyFanatic387d ago

Does that mean anyone can sign up for the beta if they have PSN+? Like how people could play the beta for Gundam Versus?

Cueil384d ago

So open beta? I need to double check my PSN account

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TheVetOfGaming387d ago

Can't wait. Looks pretty great.

MeteorPanda387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

But no dragons dogma online cause you dont lije us that much :(

Chaos_Order386d ago

I wasn't interested in this game at first, then the creator came out and slammed loot boxes, insisting they wouldn't be in the game (despite it being very loot oriented) as they would ruin the intended experience. Once I heard that I knew I had to take notice. Anyone who genuinely cares about video games as art must be capable of making something great. Looking forward to the beta! :)

xtheblackparade386d ago

" We want to encourage people to log in and go online and earn bonuses. We also have some plans for special collaboration items that cross over with other brands."

Catarina armor hype?