My Name Is Mayo Review – Crap Tap | FingerGuns

Sean @ FG: After a year delay, My Name Is Mayo has finally made its way to the EU PSN store and “the easiest platinum game ever” can’t even get that right.

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dumajib357d ago

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mafiahajeri356d ago

Lmao I love these bots. 12000 a month? 😂😂😂 What do I have to do become a high end escort? 😂

mafiahajeri356d ago

Trophies almost ruined gaming for me, it became all about the trophies and not enjoying the actual game.

JackBNimble356d ago

Sounds like a personal problem

PhoenixUp356d ago

Even I have standards. I’d rather just go buy a Telltale game for an easy platinum than spend $1 on this game