Forza Motorsport 7 Sells an Estimated 176,000 Units First Week at Retail

The acing game from publisher Microsoft Studios and developer Turn 10 Studios - Forza Motorsport 7 - sold 176,150 units first week at retail on the Xbox One, according to VGChartz estimates.

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DeadSilence382d ago

GT Sport on Japan outsold Forza 7 WW? LMAO

382d ago
NewMonday381d ago

so indy game Hellblade outsold Forza7 by over %300

Obscure_Observer382d ago


What about the US?

UCForce382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

But here the thing, it seem Forza Motorsport 7 isn’t the game what it used to be. For example, I remember correctly, Turn 10 haven’t bring back any old cars from previous Forza Motorsport games. I think the old fans think Forza Motorsport 4 is better game because it nailed everything right about racing. After that, Turn 10 become ignorant about it. I can say the same thing about Dice, they didn’t understand why Battlefield Bad Company 2 was great.

382d ago
Goldby382d ago


so japan sold more of GT sport than US sold of Forza

MasterCornholio382d ago

So they only sell games in the US?

badz149382d ago (Edited 382d ago )


is the US not from this world?

notachance382d ago

oh look it's obscure_observer who's asking why people didn't buy Hellblade on PS4

so tell me, why do YOU people not buying your highest rated game of this year??

yeahokwhatever382d ago

UCForce, using Bad Company 2 as an example of DICE's excellence would be like using the Pinto to boast about Ford. Why not pick one of their good games like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, BF2, BF1942, Battlefield 3, or Battlefield 4? There are plenty of options.

indyman7777382d ago

This is a 20% drop in sales from MOTORSPORT 6 which sold 221,000 in it's first week.
Even though there where millions less xbox ones on the market it sold 221,000 it's first week. Even with a new powerful x1x that people wanted to test and enjoy it sold less.
Why? Because micro-transactions mater. That's why.

ULTp0ltergeist382d ago

It doesn't matter much anyways, I think Microsoft sees this as a success considering they have been pushing their base towards digital purchases anyways.

trooper_381d ago

What about it?

You guys bragged about your 4k Forza and your 1000+ cars, yet Forza is staggering likke a drunk guy on a Saturday night.

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Deep-throat382d ago

VGchartz isn't a good source and digital copies aren't counted.

But if you trust VGchartz, then have a look at these megabombas:

382d ago
UCForce382d ago

Well, at least those games did gave people a variety. Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, BloodBorne and Persona 5 gave PS4 a lot of moneys.

P_Bomb382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Problems with that linkbait:

1) Yakuza 6 isnt even out in the west yet

2) you left off another 260mil estimates from the yakuza 0 ps3 version

3)all those yakuza numbers are still higher than these Forza estimates

4) sega’s already said yakuza sold over 9million as of a year ago http://www.playstationlifes... which doesn’t even count sales of 2017’s zero and kiwami in NA/EU.

5) if you’re seriously comparing one of xbox’s three last AAA killer app system seller brand name flagship cornerstones to sega’s japan-centric’re in direr straits than you thought.

Nyxus382d ago

Actually, if you compare these numbers to a huge mainstream title like Forza 7 (presented as an Xbox One X system seller), it only speaks for them.

Nyxus382d ago

@ P-Bomb: exactly, Yakuza 6 isn't releasing in the west until next year.

Knushwood Butt382d ago

See you when that better source comes along then.

TheVetOfGaming382d ago

It is embarrassing. Another exclusive that has lost its way. No wonder Xbox want to stick to multi-plat as its main focus. They deserve it.

Cyborgg382d ago

Xbox is starting to be a joke

DialgaMarine381d ago

The Xbox fanboy desperation is real when they have to damage control Forza 7 sales by saying “B-b-but what Knack 2?!”

lol People don’t even have to call out your BS; you do it yourself 😂😂😂

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Yohshida382d ago ShowReplies(6)
HeisenbergX382d ago

What are the sales of GT Sport ? does anyone know ? i’m curious

spicelicka382d ago

Too bad sales don't make a better game :$

chrisoadamson381d ago

Who gives a shit about Japan?!

Sonic_Vs_Mario381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Gran Turismo Sport is only £17,86 in UK. huge discount already lol

Cyborgg381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Funny 😂😂😂

381d ago
slasaru01381d ago

that's just ridiculous. here's what "all our games on pc" makes. the game is devalued, most gamers think "i'll buy it later" and no reason to support xbox devs day one

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Automatic79382d ago

I purchased my game digitally, are you fanboys serious or do you just look to hate on all Xbox One related matters.

AspiringProGenji382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Look who id talking... What is that you Xfanboys say about userbase and sales?

381d ago
P_Bomb382d ago

You should ask that question of your peers in the Hellblade article.

Hopefully now ppl will back off about user base, install base, attach base, ace of base, whatever.

FreddyFazbear382d ago

LOL Ace of base!! I saw the sign!! XD

outsider1624382d ago

You forgot to drop the mic, mate.

chiefJohn117382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Why this only proves them right. Exclusives aren't the end all be all. Hell blade and Forza 7 proves this. Acting like the only games to play are exclusives and then not even 5% end up buying it shows it being exclusive didn't mean much. To those that were interested and bought Forza 7 enjoy. To the ps loyalist on here, enjoy

Knushwood Butt382d ago

It's all that she wants.

(Showing my age)

Kratos_Kart2007382d ago

New IP VS Flagship IP??? seriously??

rainslacker382d ago

Good luck getting anyone to back off. These kinds of things happen consistently where a game will get slammed in forums for being a flop based on some number of sales, then when the opposing consoles game comes in with low numbers it's always, "well it doesnt count digital", or "you guys were saying that this wasn't a flop when -insert game here- did this number", and it goes back and forth.

In any case, I think Forza is getting long in the tooth, and the franchise has been overdone this generation. FH3 was of the best racers this gen really....but franchise fatigue is a real thing. The sales generally keep going down, with a peak sometimes, and overall, the franchise sells decent enough. The budgets on the games must not be that much though, and likely they are reusing a lot of the same code over and over again. Basically, Forza is becoming more the Madden of racing games, where there isnt as much new stuff with each itteration. The Forza Horizon series does much better in that regard, and at least the last two have felt fresh and more fun than the last.

Last_Boss381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

3rd Bass, and get that Gas Face!!

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DarXyde382d ago

I'm genuinely disappointed to see people acting so immature about this. Sales are rarely ever an indication of a game's quality and it irks me that people aren't seeing that.

Grow up, people.

JackBNimble382d ago

Sales can make or break a studio... Just saying

TKCMuzzer382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Maybe not, but sales do have the potential to effect the future of a franchise no matter how good it is. This game may not even turn a profit and that will cause discussions at the higher levels.

Damthatsword382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Agreed. The anti Xbox crew over here are disgustingly juvenile and just....small. only a miniscule person would go to such lengths as the children in this article. And I'll bet both of us will get more dislikes than likes for saying what they don't want to hear. These facts hurt more than their insecurity.

The 10th Rider382d ago

Yeah, the agrees on Kakoa's comments are just disheartening. He literally calls xbox fans a bunch of inbred maggots and it's got 3 times the likes than dislikes. Really guys?

DarXyde382d ago


When did I say otherwise? Sales can definitely make or break studios, but, again, sales are rarely an indication of a game's quality. Call of Duty consistently does insane numbers on each platform--does that make Call of Duty better than games that have sold less? That includes the bad Call of Duty games, by the way. Gravity Rush 2 is my second favorite game this generation and did pretty well with people who have played it, yet it didn't sell well. Am I wrong for loving it? Games can be amazing, but do poorly in terms of sales. Games can sell well despite being garbage. So, again, sales rarely indicate a game's quality. And yes, they can make or break a studio. Despite that much, Microsoft is unlikely to ever axe Turn10. It's their only dedicated racer studio. Lionhead may be gone, but that's like Sony axing Evolution: they have other studios to compensate in those areas. Turn10 is too specialized for them to get rid of them. What are they going to do, not having racing exclusive racing games on their platform anymore?


True, but you forget the game is also on PC and is sold digitally for both Windows 10 and Xbox One. We really won't ever know how successful the game is unless Microsoft is willing to report digital sales. This goes for any game available digitally and physically. Remember now, Microsoft seems to have a bigger push for digital. Maybe it sold poorly, maybe it's doing alright or even better. We just don't know. But as I wrote to JackBNimble, even if the game is a commercial failure (and I'm not saying it is), I don't see Turn10 being dismantled. I just don't.


I think that works both ways. There have been plenty of articles where Xbox gamers harass PlayStation gamers and comment on articles for games they have no intention of buying (and, of course, the sudden interest in Valkyria Chronicles 4 when, if it was announced only for PS4, I guarantee you it would be dismissed as weaboo trash). That's just the nature of the people of this site. I really don't care much for disagrees. At first I tried to understand it, but there's honestly no point. People will do so without so much as attempting a valid rebuttal. People may disagree, and that's fine. I don't write what I write to cater to anyone's feelings. Likewise, they're not obligated to agree. I can present facts and evidence and people will still find reasons to disagree. You just have to learn to ignore it.


I do believe that's part of it. This is one of those things that works both ways though.

AspiringProGenji381d ago

I agree with you but when all they do is talk crap about the Ps4 userbase even when games sell millions for not topping console sales, i say good riddance. Just wait for the Gt sport first week sales article

DarXyde381d ago


Well, of course they do. But that's why everyone should strive to be better. One thing I do quite often with people who don't like me is kill them with overwhelming kindness. Mutual friends look at them like they're monsters. The same principle applies here. Ignore their nonsense. Be better. I should add that it's not a good mentality to have where you say "I know they're going to criticize Sport's first week sales, so let's criticize their first week sales before they have the chance to criticize ours." That's not a good look. We're all better than that.

If I haven't said as much before, I like you, AspiringProGenji. You've always been cool. I don't think everyone acting out is particularly constructive though, and is even made worse by the idea of preemption.

81BX381d ago

Not one week of sales

Psychosious381d ago

Yeah, sales, i.e. money means nothing... Derp...
Who cares if the game sells... Derp...
Dev's and publishers pay to make these games for the hell of it, no profit necessary.... Derp...

DialgaMarine381d ago

Look back at all the games in past that turned out great, but could never get a sequel because they sold poorly, and tell everyone again how sales are irrelevant.

mandingo381d ago

Yea I agree we all know forza is the better game but people will be people

OB1Biker381d ago

I agree that a LOT of people are acting immature on N4G. and its also reflected in these comments.
However, this article has nothing to do with a game quality. Not long ago an article about Forza selling better than GTS for a week in the UK. Some people were loud, but thats nothing to do with the quality of the games. Those articles are about the sales.

hulk_bash1987381d ago

I'm pretty sure what affected sales was the bad press and reviews it got about the in game Microtransactions. So sad, that an otherwise great game is held back because of bad decisions by the publisher/developer.

fenome381d ago


Well then you should be disappointed in yourself for acting the same way in that Hellblade article the other day.

DarXyde381d ago


"Acting the same way in that Hellblade article the other day"?

Oh, this should be good. Quote me exactly and explain yourself. I would love to make an example out of you.

trooper_381d ago

This sounds like damage control.

DarXyde381d ago


From what? I have no vested interest in Forza 7.

fenome381d ago


Apparently I was mistaken, I was thinking of Obscure_Observer, not you. My bad, sorry about that.

Feel free to "make an example out of me" though dude. Have fun with that. Lmao

DarXyde381d ago


At this point, you kind of did it to yourself.

Thanks for saving me the time though!

(But seriously, good on you for recognizing the mistake. No hard feelings.)

fenome381d ago

Yeah I did! I kinda feel like an ass now :p lol

Sometimes I just hop on here on break at work and I struggle with my phone. I do apologize

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI382d ago

You're right. This article is inaccurate. the correct count is 176001. GG forza

rainslacker382d ago

So, because you purchased it digitally, it means that it outsold everything else?

Retail is a good metric to go by in lieu of concrete numbers from publishers, because digital vs physical sales are pretty consistent across platforms, and digital only makes up between 10-20% of any given game's sales. If digital was significantly higher, we probably wouldn't even have retail sales anymore.

Not to say that VGChartz is a good source for obtaining that metric, but since every game that doesn't sell 5+ million copies(and some that even manage to hit that point) get ragged on as being major flops, it makes turn around fair play wouldn't you say?

RadicalCannibal382d ago

Just look at the amount of comments in here. It’s insane levels of hate

Psychosious381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Xbot 1X Defense mode activated.. These damn Xbot 1X models are faulty like E.D. - 209 models from Robo-Cop, they do not understand when to stand down....

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chrisx382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Lmao. Now I see where "flopza" came from

382d ago Replies(3)
TankCrossing382d ago

And we can all see the kind of intellect that appreciates it.