Japan Watch: Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 As Sony Records Lowest weekly Sales Ever

The latest Media Create hardware sales data from Japan has been released and shows that not only is Microsoft's Xbox 360 continuing to outsell rival Sony's PS3, but it's actually starting to have a negative affect on Sony's highly treasured sysytem. This week Xbox 360 managed to sell 8,271 units, whilst Sony's PS3 managed just 7,232 units......Sony's lowest recorded sales ever, since the launch of the PlayStation 3.

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Stryfeno23571d ago

The 360 numbers are low...But the funny thing is look at who's trailing behind.

CEO of Troll Corp3571d ago

I dont think you should be popping champagne yet

Pain3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )


cant spin that truth ..u Xbox kids.

Bad_Karma3571d ago

I think that you should take a look at the numbers of units sold so far in Japan... i think you will find that microsoft is still trailing behind Sony by a long way and both Sony and Microsoft are trailing behind Nintendo :)

OmarJA3571d ago

Yakuza 3
Quantum Theory
Demon's Souls
White Knight Story

we can kiss the3fixme goodbye in Japan very soon

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3571d ago

For it's price it should be out selling the 'Wii'!!! ;-D

xBox 360 is a Failure!!! ;-D = CR*P Site!!!

alexM3571d ago


next week x360 will be at the bottom

Lanoire3571d ago

All these stupid xbots kept saying how 360 was taking over Japan and all that shiat.

But just 3 WEEKS after the pricedrop, the 360 sells 8k units. HAHAHAHA.

theKiller3571d ago

they neglected japan for so long!

but they will turn the tables soon, if not soon then when there will be a price drop!

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XXXCouture3571d ago

These numbers are ridiculous low.

Japan stop being so freaking weird and buy some videogame consoles

SixTwoTwo3571d ago

The PS3 and X360 might as well not exist in Japan. With the exception of the last couple weeks and a few weeks in June, the HD consoles have been putting up pathetic sales numbers. But hats off to Microsoft because at least they're trying to do something about it.

ry-guy3571d ago

Because spending money on video game consoles in this type of economic climate is a real intelligent thing to do? I think not.

XXXCouture3571d ago

^^^^ they buy everything labeled nintendo though

DARKKNIGHT3571d ago fans are proud of their rrod mediocre sales.

Anybody else notice that the numbers mean sh1t!!

Leathersoup3571d ago

Actually in times of economic turbulence, people tend to spend money on local entertainment rather than go on vacation or other such things.

This is the reason that Hollywood fared so well in the 1930's. People couldn't afford to go on vacation but they could afford to go see movies.

Right now the cost of fuel is quite high. The economy is unstable. People will seek local entertainment more readily. This is one of the reasons why up until now the games market has been relatively stable. People would rather invest a bit of cash on a console and be able to spend a semi reasonable amount of money on a video game than spend the amount of money required to travel somewhere else and then have to pay money to stay in a hotel or whatnot.

The Wii, which until a few weeks ago, was the most cost effective console has seen the best sales. Now that the Xbox 360 is less costly, it's also seeing the boost in sales. It's not trumping the Wii by any amount, but it is doing better.

gaffyh3571d ago

1. It's XboxKings lol
2. It's a low sales week for every console

DS Lite 42,385
PSP 26,045
Wii 25,330
PS2 8,618
Xbox 360 8,271
PS3 7,232

3. Somehow I don't think Sony cares too much lol, especially when their last gen console outsells a more advanced current gen console, as well as their handheld selling like crazy

AAACE53570d ago

Nice try taking a shot at 360!

Yeah Sony does care, cause 2 of it's older systems are selling better than their next savior! The Ps3 was suppose to be the best console ever created, and was suppose to be in as high demand as the Wii or DS! But the sales for the console tell a different story.

Yeah the sales of the 360 are lower than the Ps2, but the Ps3 sales are lower than the 360's... and that's the console the fanboys defend like it's their child!

The Makr3570d ago

Is this the first week the 360 has beat the PS3 without the release of a AC6, BD, LO, ToV, or IU type game? Does anyone know if this is a first? Thanks.

Jake11113570d ago

I have all three consoles Wii, 360 and PS3.

I have decided not to pay any attention to sales numbers and pay attention to the games the system is pushing out.

The WII... It has outsold all other systems. SO WHAY? I havent purchased a game on it since Zelda...

The 360... Cut their price down to dangerously low levels. So people are buying more. The exlusives dont match up to PS3. I want the best games for each generation and PS3 is the system that has the best. My time is precious. So even if it outsells PS3 10 to 1. I will still buy the PS3 exclusives as they are worth my time.

The PS3... So sales are low.... It will pickup when HOME, RFOM2, LBP, SOCOM, MS2, KZ2 roll out.

As my time is precious, I dont focus on sales of units to determine which system I will play or games I will buy for. I only focus on the quality of games. I spend my free time playing games like MGSIV, Drakes, Warhawk, and soon LBP, SOCOM, RFOM2, MS2, etc.

pavarotti3570d ago

when the fanboys diss microsoft for getting outsold by the ps2 in pissy-back-waters like spain and portugal. but when it beats the ps3 japan, nothings mentioned, and it's all "oh the playstation trilogy" i'm sure sony are loving the fact the ps3 with it's billions invested in it, is getting beaten by their last console which they cant let go of because it's balancing the books..when they really want everyone to buy ps3s instead.

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dale13571d ago

psp seems to be the key platform for sony,but they need there big guns to come out to boost ps3 hardware,i thought little big planet nearing its release time would start to shift systems, not looking good at the moment were see.not heard anythink on the reaction to lbp at tgs from a japanese respect

Internet Trolling Ex3571d ago

Notice how the xbox numbers have dropped significantly,this is a sign the japanese are done with it

lawman11083571d ago

Just wait until Christmas it will be a blood bath "world wide" as you babies in the Sony douche force like to say.

juuken3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

*insert rolling of eyes*
XBox Kings.
Who would've guessed.

The 360 outsells the PS3 by 1,000 units and now it's a time to celebrate and dance on Sony's grave.


I love how this site just begs for hits.

Darkseider3571d ago

I will meet your rolling eyes and raise you a facepalm...

Not only did it outsell the PS3 by a whopping 1000 units. It did so on the worst sony sales week EVER for the PS3. For some reason I don't think this is something to go bragging about. Especially since the price cut...

juuken3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

*shakes head*

Just lol.

*starts laughing all over again and nearly falls out of chair*

IzKyD13313571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

agreed....I guess it wasn't news worthy when the PS3 was outselling the 360 by 3-4K consoles on a weekly bases, but when the 360 gets a push (because of the release of a JRPG) its all down for the PS3 in the media's eyes....

Mr_Bun3571d ago

That is a good point....I never thought about the fact that the 360 outsold the PS3 by the smallest margin during the PS3's worst sales record.

hay3571d ago

Sorry Darkseider, accidental disagree. Yup, outsold PS3 by whoopping 1k during Sony's worst sales week ever.
It's like outrunning someone who tripped.

mboojigga3571d ago

That sounds even worse. Why is it tripping if it is the best console ever. Please.

juuken3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

What spin?

So...Sony is doomed because Microsoft managed to outsell them by 1,000 units and yet can't reach a million in sales?

Congratulations to Microsoft, but they need more than that.

May I also add that Nintendo is currently kicking both Sony and Microsoft's asses.

Mr_Bun3571d ago

"May I also add that Nintendo is currently kicking both Sony and Microsoft's asses."

No you may not! ;)

KingME3571d ago

You can spin it however you want but this was not suppose to happen. And six months ago you would have bet money against it, now would you have?

PS3n3603571d ago

The real news here is that the ps3 numbers are so low that you cant even count japan in worldwide sales anymore. Japan was supposed to be a Sony lifejacket. Now when you look at worldwide numbers as fanboys have been throwing around for months they fly back and hit you smack in the face. Not that it really matters but it looks like Wii #1 xbox #2 and PS3 #3. It is sad as I am just now starting to really appreciate my PS3 but I think it is something you have to own to really understand. It may be poor marketing or high price (despite high value)but something isn't getting through to consumers. the economy certainly doesnt bode well for PS3. People will forego the caviar go to the Cambells soup of consoles which at the moment is the xbox.

karlostomy3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

You are overdoing the damage control here, baby.

So far you have made the same post SIX times!

Everything ok? I am concerned for you.
You seem to be overreacting.

Was it the fact that the 360 has outsold the ps3 for the fourth week now?

Don't worry about it hun. It will happen again. SO just get used to it, huh? Otherwise the friendly men in white coats will come and put you in their hospital again... :)

pansenbaer3571d ago

In Juuken's defense, let me point something out to you:

60 Gig Xbox 360 in Japan costs 29,800 yen
40 Gig PS3 in Japan costs 39,980 yen

So the 360 made Microsoft 246,475,800 yen
The PS3 made Sony 289,135,360 yen (Give or take for both of these because I am using one model)...on the PS3 alone...

Adding the PSP (19,800 yen) and PS2 (16,000 yen) you come out to a grand total offff.....

942,714,360 yen that Playstation made Sony. That is 696,238,560 more yen than Microsoft made in Japan. Or $6,984,035.63 USD more than Microsoft made in Japan. Wow, Microsoft sure is giving Sony a run for their money aren't they...

juuken3571d ago

karl...only 1000 units? If the 360 is getting so many rpgs, then I expected Microsoft's numbers to stay up to par with Nintendo. I find it laughable that you're celebrating a victory like that when both consoles are getting whooped by Nintendo. No major rpg for the PS3 has come out yet. The Japanese are only playing the rpgs on the 360 as appetizers.

They're waiting for the main course-FFXIII and FFXIII Versus. Oh, and White Knight Chronicles.

Gloat about the victory while it lasts. :)

mint royale3571d ago

are you retarded! How does that much yen convert into that many dollars when the dollar is the stronger currency. Also you aren't taking into account the costs of production of the console. Sony are still losing money on the ps3 so im willing to bet that microsoft are doing just as well financially (at least) than sony. And considering we are talking about Japan I never thought i'd say that. The playstation franchise really has come down hard theres no spinning it.

pansenbaer3571d ago

Uhhh, I just converted it if you missed that part. Over 6 million dollars. I know they are losing money on the PS3 but when you consider they are making a ridiculous profit on their PSP and PS2 it probably evens itself out. Look, all I'm saying is that neither company is doing much better or much worse than the other in Japan. And there is no need to spin anything. The Playstation Brand is not coming down as hard as you like to think it is.

karlostomy3571d ago

Spin spin spin spin spin!

Wow you're spinning a lot today!
You sure are earning the fanboy moniker, fellow gamer....

oh... and are you dizzy yet, Pansy?

cherrypie3571d ago


Yes, I agree. This site shouldnt post stories about the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 in Japan, instead, we should get another 25 "beta key release" or "new sackboy" story instead.

I'm _sure_ you'd agree.

juuken3571d ago

1. karl, how is that spin?

The PS3 sold over two million consoles in Japan. Microsoft can't even reach the one million mark. They have a sales spike in Japan because of an rpg and then it comes down. Look how those numbers rapidly fell down from that huge lead it had when Tales of Vesperia came out. I'm sorry, but facts are facts.

And Nintendo is killing both of them in Japan so I wouldn't celebrate if I were you.

2., just lol indeed.

pansenbaer3571d ago

Oh you crack me up. As if your little snide remarks are doing anything for yourself. I obviously have to assume you 'disagree' with me and it doesn't make any sense. It would be like you posting a comment, "The 360 is selling more units than the PS3" and me coming in with a disagree. How can I disagree with a fact? My numbers are 100% correct. I am not 'spinning' anything. I am simply pointing out to all the blind 360 fans that money coming in from Sony is more than money coming in for Microsoft. Once again, I put some time and effort into a post (its not easy trying to navigate those Chinese Playstation sites!) to give facts...and you can't see past your own ignorance to see that Sony is not fairing as bad as you pretend they are.

And to mint royale. I think you may have misread my number. I said Sony brought in $6,984,035.63 more than MS. That is six million, nine hundred eighty four thousand, thirty five dollars. In Yen that is about seven HUNDRED million. So I did convert right. I think the decimal point threw you off.

KingME3570d ago

That is such a desperate stretch. Only a hardcore fanboy would even try to offset things with the analogy that you used. One thing I know fanboys care more about than "yen" differential is console sells differential. You can care less how many yen Sony makes vs MS, however at the present time it's the only argument that you have, which is pathetic.

Bottom line here is for the past month who has sold the most consoles! Although I feel the PS3 will rebound, it is just desperate of you to try to downplay the 360 beating the PS3 in Japan for 3-4 consecutive weeks by trying to do a damn yen conversion. WOW.

And Juuken, instead of you acknowledging it, you suddenly jump on the Wii bandwagon just to deny the 360 any form of victory over the PS3. Which is equally desperate. This is turning into a pity party!

pansenbaer3570d ago

Geeze how many times do I have to say it. I'm not trying to spin, 'offset', etc. anything. I am merely pointing out that Sony is fairing fine in Japan and that, like people have stated numerous times, 1000 more consoles is not as big of a deal as people like to think it is. I'm not trying to downplay the fact that Microsoft is doing amazing in Japan. Numbers before this price cut/RPG releases were pathetic and they stepped up their game and delivered. Hats of to them for getting something done in Japan. I respect your rebuttal, but I still stand strong in my defense. SONY are making a profit in Japan. Microsoft are also making a profit in Japan. I never tried to downplay the fact that PS3 is probably still not making a profit. But when you tie in all their other devices (just like microsoft entertainment division, or what ever its called, includes 360, zune, etc.) they are bringing in the money. Thus, not fairing as bad as 'Doom and Gloomers' are pointing out.

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