Why EA Isn't Going Down Any Time Soon

Roxanne: Everyone’s heard of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 AMA, and EA pulling microtransactions from the game not long thereafter. There’s been a lot of joy and schadenfreude in that governments across the world have started cracking down on loot boxes, and that EA’s been forced to reevaluate their practices (at least where Star Wars is concerned) because of their latest mishap. “Hit them where it counts!” is the latest mantra, with people pulling their pre-orders as the news spread. Is EA finally going to get karma for all the abusive schemes they’ve been pulling on their customers?

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solderman385d ago

They still might lose the Star Wars license if they piss Disney off some more. So far they have made a right hash of it and Disney are quick to give things the chop if they are not working out.

Scar-385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

I doubt it the game is still selling and Disney hasn't ever shown a strong interest in gaming I don't think that's going to change even now that the have more popular licenses. I'm willing to bet they will finish out whatever contract they have with EA. If Disney wanted in the gaming market they could of made there own studio decades ago they have the talent for animators in spades and money for programmers. I wouldn't be surprised if they stuck with EA or went to Activi$ion. Disney see games as just another revenue stream nothing more nothing less.

gantarat385d ago

as this point Disney know they make a biggest mistake by give Exclusive Star Wars game license to EA and Shut Down Lucasarts.

PapaBop385d ago

They might not be going anywhere but they have been accused of luring children to online gambling, that can't be understated. Not to mention we are seeing more and more mainstream outlets picking up on the story with some (The Guardian) directly referencing Battlefront 2 as a pay to win game,

datriax385d ago

Awwe, and here I was hoping for an article titled "Why EA Is Going Down.... ByeBye EA."

Maybe some day in the near future. One can only hope.

384d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada384d ago

I doubt anyone wants EA to shut down out right, just a change in financial and creative direction for their games.