LittleBIGPlanet Beta User-Created Levels Will Carry Over to Full Game

Alex Evans confirms all the work testers have put in building cool stuff will not go to waste.

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Mc Fadge3570d ago

My save data got corrupted, like so many others. Fadge is VERY angry.

Blackmoses3570d ago

my level is huge already....I do transitions from one game to another. Gonna be EPIC!!!


IronAva3570d ago

I know the Beta is almost over but did anyone hear back from USA Today web site. If not I am happy to say that I was luck enough to get a free beta key from them. I know I only have a few days but Oh well I am going to have a LBP weekend.

Pennywise3570d ago

I sent 3 emails (For friends) and all 3 received codes. Unfortunately the LBP servers were in really bad shape last night with lag. Basically unplayable. What I noticed, and DIDNT LIKE was the fact that all Stickers and pictures are somehow tied to the server. I went to wash my costume or load a saved costume and it took up to 5 minutes to load.

I am glad the opened the flood gates with beta codes. Finished retail version experiencing this problem is unacceptable. I have Sony and MM realize how big this game is going to be.