Monster Hunter World Director Wants To Lose Drop-Out Rate Of Players

Monster Hunter World Director, Yuya Tokuda, mentioned that he wants to lose the “drop-out rate” of players in Monster Hunter World who are beginning in the world of Monster Hunter without changing its core gameplay.

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naruga363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

this could easily be adjusted by just multiplying alot, at the start of the game, the low rank monster-hunting and gatherin quests, so the first time players can enter with a very scalable difficulty ......though not by any mean reduce the difficulty of core /boss monsters ...........i remember i had the same feeling with Mh1 on PS2 (probably one of the most difficult hardcore MHs because of analog stick control and super health even on low tier monsters) but i was so hooked up to the game's world that couldnt even play any other game of the same time