Microsoft: Why Silver Xbox Live Users Can't Access Highly Anticipated Netflix-360 Service

Patrick Klepek of MTV Multiplayer:

"If you have a silver (free) Xbox Live account, you won't be able to stream movies from Netflix account when the "New Xbox Experience" drops this fall.

Netflix is such a casual service and a paid subscription is already required for Xbox users to access the service through their 360. But a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription is needed on top of that. Why would Microsoft limit who can access this cool feature?"

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Vip3r3543d ago

"Why would Microsoft limit who can access this cool feature?" "

To make more money?

3543d ago
dale13543d ago

very hard to stump up the gold fee and pay for a low quality video stream just doesn,t make sense,you are losing the custom right there

Raoh3543d ago

but............ you have a choice.. you dont have to buy gold live.... the 360 is soo much cheaper..

add $50 a year to every 360.. so a 360 bought for $400 (released price) owned for 5 years comes out to $650 (you do your own math for cheaper models and less years owned)