PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch? How to pick the right video game console

USA Today: "Not sure which home video game device you want? We help you break down your options."

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ninsigma387d ago

Simples, pick the one with the games you want...

GrubsterBeater386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

**Simple, pick the one that HAS games, that also has the ones you want...**

There, I fixed it for ya. You're welcome.

ninsigma386d ago

Common sense doesn't need fixing.

GrubsterBeater386d ago

"Common sense doesn't need fixing."

Although that should be true, a look at Wal-Mart customers and even some drivers during rush hour traffic are a few of the many examples that make me say otherwise...

Cyborgg386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Pick one with the most third-party games and first party exclusives.

DwightSchrute01385d ago

Pick one with the highest rated games

spreadlove386d ago

I would add where your friends and if it has features you want too.

PhoenixUp387d ago

I pick Wii U 😅

Haha just jk

Kribwalker387d ago

I choose all three. Get the best of all worlds

threefootwang387d ago

The One X hands down.

If I wanted something different I'd get the Switch.

If I wanted trash, I'd buy a PlayStation.

MasterCornholio386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

PlayStation isn't trash.

What about the Xbox one,PS4 and PS4 Pro? They are still good consoles for the money. It's not like they are garbage just because the XB1X is more powerful than them.

Last_Boss386d ago

You guys shouldn't engage this rhetoric!! It's old and tiresome. What N4G really needs is a complete block of a user.

GrubsterBeater386d ago

Ironic considering you are cheerleading a paperweight with a built-in turbo...

You call PlayStation trash, but the FACT (not opinion) is that PlayStation not only has way more exclusives currently and upcoming, but also has way more highly rated and critically acclaimed games... top that with the sales domination over the XBox, the people have clearly spoken on which console is better...

So if PlayStation is trash, based off those metrics, what would that make XBox...?

DialgaMarine386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

PlayStation is by fact the superior console. Numbers don’t lie, just fanboys. But you’re more than welcome to your delusions. Enjoy being in the armpit of the console community ;)

spreadlove386d ago

How is Playstation the superior console when Xbox One X is putting out at least 125% extra pixels, extra graphical features, better frame rate and high res textures?

By the numbers, the Xbox One X is superior to any console out there.

DialgaMarine386d ago

More games, better games. Pretty much outweighs everything lol

You seem to forget that X hasn’t even been out for a month yet, and that Xbone is still a thing. Fun fact: just because X is out, doesn’t change the fact that there are 30 million Xbone’s out there, and none of them magicially transformed into X’s.

S2Killinit386d ago

Had to be a xbox fanboy to start things.

Cyborgg386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

And this is why we need the bubble system back

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GNCFLYER386d ago

Holy @#%$. An unbiased article, congratulations author I haven't seen one of these in a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.