FIFA 18 Feels Like a Free-To-Play Game

"I know that you probably had it with EA and their bad business policy but I feel that this is an issue that has to be addressed. I was a big fan of this title since the PS One days. When EA started adding player packs and FUT it felt like a money grab to me and I stopped buying their games. Came back after a few years later and saw a lot of changes... for the worst."

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2pacalypsenow384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

Um.. no it doesn't.

The player packs are only in Ultimate team, thats 1 game mode, you still have online, 2 career modes and the Journey that do not have game packs.

Stop hopping on the bandwagon.

Bga22384d ago

That would make sense if 99% of us didn't buy FIFA because of FUT. It's always more fun when you can create your own club. Correction. It WAS fun, now it's all about the money.

2pacalypsenow383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

So if 99% of people buy for FUT then they already know its based on MT, and have no right to complain.

FUT has been about MT since it launched, Fifa has worst things to complain about.

sizeofyou383d ago

With 2pac on this. It doesn't feel like F2P. Yet.
FUT has been MTs from years back but people support that for football and the chance to create a super team. When I've played it, I don't and never will.
However, there are plenty of other modes of play that DON'T require MTs (and paying further real money).
But I'm guessing that going forwards, there's every chance it will be even more MT based. Buy a base game, pay for the leagues you want, if you want a player, buy into the league first. Buy trophies and competitions. Buy kits, boots balls accessories. It's an MT delight. If that happens, they can shove it where they like.

toddybad383d ago

The only one saving grace is that you really don't need to spend money. I haven't bought a single pack yet have an 88 ozil and 5 special cards in my winning squad. The points boosts from the catalogue using xp is enough to allow you to buy a decent set of players quite quickly.

mafiahajeri383d ago

You have FIFA denial because of how much fun youre having, dont worry itll wear off in a couple of years.

badz149383d ago

aside from the official licenses for major European leagues especially the EPL, FIFA has been going downhill in terms of gameplay IMO. it's becoming too flashy as in "style over substance" kinda feeling for me. I stopped with 2013 and has never looked back since. tried their demo every year and the more I play it, the less I enjoy playing them. I'm playing PES now and despite the lack of official licenses, the gameplay is way better IMO! and this year, they even came up with the F2P version of it which is nice.

2pacalypsenow382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

No, there are plenty of things wrong with FIFA, but MT's in FUT is not one of them.

PapaBop383d ago

Neither online or the two career modes have seen any significant changes for a good few years now. Not to mention half of the main menu is used to promote ultimate team regardless of whether you even play it or not. For years now EA have been doing everything they can to get as many people as they can to play FUT, that's where the meat on the bone is and where most of the development focus is used nowadays.

badboyz09383d ago

Fifa and Madden have always sucked!

fenome383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

Here's a good little read from March of this year if anyone's interested. It's pretty much just about how much Fifa makes them in microtransactions and how they want to incorporate that into Battlefield and Battlefront. It's exactly what happened to Battlefront 2.

It might do some good for the "Games are expensive to make" crowd to read it and see where they're trying to take all this BS. They're not making games, they're making money.

Prince_TFK383d ago

All the games that have lootboxes, in game MTs, and restricted progression (like the one in BF2) are free to play game, at least for me. These kind of mechanics have no rights to be in a premium $60 game.