How Microtransactions are Ruining Video Games

While developers are trying to make money with in-game microtransactions, they're neglecting their players that are being affected by the system.

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VersusDMC116d ago

I wouldn't say ruining videogames as a whole. Only multiplayer videogames. My top 10 games this year didn't have any micro transaction issues so let's stop hyperbolic headlines that will get more clicks.

indysurfn116d ago

VersusDMC the reason the game is playable at ALL is because of headlines like this playing on OUR side. How many paid for headlines tried to make people give up fighting EA by telling us that we can't stop it? Or by saying it is not that bad for game A or game B.

How many times have you told them to stop headlines that defend micro-transactions?

VersusDMC116d ago

I like when headlines state exactly what the article is about and not try to scare people into reading the article.
F battlefront 2 and 2k18 with their micro transaction nonsense. I just want fear monger headlines to stop and for games media writers to be more professional.

Pingal116d ago

@VersusDMC, so this article had a good title?

VersusDMC116d ago

All they had to say is "micro transactions are ruining multiplayer gaming" but they wanted to maximize clicks and included the whole industry in the title. So it's not a good title. Makes me believe they just want to get clicks off of people actually affected or mad about the whole situation. Without caring about the situation.

Pingal115d ago

Then what according to you could have been a better alternative?