Why L.A. Noire isn’t a precursor to GTA and Red Dead Redemption on Switch

Rockstar surprised us all by announcing L.A. Noire for the Nintendo Switch, but don’t expect announcements for GTA or Red Dead Redemption any time soon.

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FallenAngel1984388d ago

“L.A. Noire sold just over six million copies, which is nothing to sneeze at (especially circa 2011) but would be considered something of a failure by Rockstar’s standards.”

Just because Rockstar has more successful games doesn’t mean they viewed L.A. Noire as a failure. They didn’t do anything else with the franchise afterwards because Team Bondi got disbanded.

Summons75387d ago

Yeah, not really a good sign when overall impressions of the game aren't good, the team is disbanded shortly after, and the IP remained dormant for 6 years until now, and let's forget that at the time it was made it was considered one of the most expensive games ever mad with the budget being 50 only scratching 6mill means they didn't even come close to breaking even. It was a failure.

deafdani387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

50 million to make, as you say (haven't checked this fact, I'll just run with it).

6 million sold, most of these sales at full price ($60). Let's just assume 5 million of those.

5,000,000 x 60 = $300,000,000.

"Not close to breaking even"? Your math may be a bit off here, mate. :P

FallenAngel1984387d ago

Dude LA Noire got a Metascore of 89. That’s far above exceptional reception. The game was a huge success commercially and critically.

Team Bondi got disbanded months after the game’s release because that studio had terrible work conditions. The founder notoriously ruled the development of the game with an iron fist, chewing up and spitting out a huge amount of prospective employees and subjecting whoever was left to insane amounts of unpaid overtime. The end result was the company gaining the ire of Australia's game development community, Rockstar cutting their ties, and L.A. Noire being Team Bondi's first and last game.

The excruciatingly long development (publisher Rockstar Games eventually had to bring in their other studios to help finish it), coupled with employees furious about borderline-sweatshop working conditions and not being named in the credits, soured Team Bondi’s relationship with Rockstar and killed any chance of them finding another publisher. Shortly there after, the studio itself imploded due to various reactions to former Bondi CEO Brendan McNamara's behavior over the development cycle. He was the studio head/co-founder and, if even some of the reports are to be believed, the epitome of executive meddling and having a bloated ego.

PhoenixUp388d ago

“Whereas any port of one of its own in-house titles would require the much larger investment in making RAGE compatible.”

If Rockstar could port Table Tennis, the first title to use the RAGE engine, from Xbox 360 to Wii then anything should be theoretically possible.

SlappingOysters388d ago

It was Wii game to 360 I think.

PhoenixUp388d ago

No it was a Xbox 360 to Wii transition. Why would it be the other way?

Table Tennis first released in 2006 for 360 then later came to Wii in 2007.

SlappingOysters385d ago

Apologies, bad memory on my part.

wonderfulmonkeyman388d ago

Am I really the only one that isn't that bothered by this?
I mean, sure, if Rock* wants to make more games for Switch after L.A. Noir, then that's great. More support isn't a bad thing.
But it's not like I'll lose sleep over it when there are other third parties bringing games to Switch, games I'll care a lot more about than GTA or a really good wild west simulator. [full disclosure; that's not an insult to Red Dead. If anything, that's praise.]

bluefox755387d ago

The original RDR might be possible, but not the sequel, and GTA5 is incredibly unlikely as well, if for no other reason that size constraints.

Prince_TFK387d ago

You are right. But they can always split the game. SP comes on the cart and MP is download only. This would somehow solve the space issue, although that is not a very convenient solution for buyer.

The 10th Rider387d ago

Doom is like 80gb on PC. 70gb on PS4.

GTA V on PC is like 65gb. 50gb on PS4.

On top of that GTA V is also a game that's on last gen where it has a substantially smaller file size.

Pretty sure they could get GTA V on Switch if they really want to. Cartridge size will increase over time while the price drops as well, so if they aren't releasing GTA VI for a while they could easily port GTA V in a year or two.

deafdani387d ago

GTA 5 came out for Xbox 360 and PS3 initially.

Switch can handle it fine.

tehpees3387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

From a technological standpoint and market reaction everything about Switch screams its evolving into the handheld direction. If handhelds were going to get the major backing of companies outside Japan for games like GTA V it would have happened with Vita.

People will dog me for this but I speak a truth when I say = its been factually proven you don't need Rockstar to have a successful handheld. The amount that are going to give ifs and buts with this when Gameboy. DS and 3DS prove it right.

And before anyone brings up 3DS failing to smart phones don't bother. A VERY large group have proven they want proper dedicated handheld gaming even with smart phone existence and are willing to pay premium game prices to get those proper handheld games. 3DS was a success even if. (this part is here in case anyone says but 3DS was a failure because it sold less).

Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead getting on Switch or not will not impact the success of the system. The third party support argument has never held the impact its had on Nintendo's consoles through their handhelds. Their handhelds have always been very different.

The same goes for EA, Activision, Ubisoft etc. They are not needed to make a handheld system successful.

The 10th Rider387d ago

DS actually had GTA and it's the best selling handheld of all time, lol.

Not that it's the best selling handheld because of GTA, I just thought that was funny to point out.

DwightSchrute01387d ago

Yh Nintendo handhelds are usually successful. But what about the home consoles like the switch? The more third party support the better, at least it seems like Nintendo are off to a good start with a good mix of 1St party, 3Rd party and indie support, I just hope they can keep the momentum going.

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