Tekken 6 Officially Confirmed for the Playstation 3 by Namco Bandai Games Europe in Press Release

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe has released a press release that Tekken 6 is in development and will be released Playstation 3 consoles in Fall 2009 in addition to the previously announced Xbox 360 version at TGS. This is the opposite of what some video game websites have been reporting, judging from this release, it seems the Playstation 3 is getting Tekken 6.

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Pennywise3569d ago

LOL - Who said they werent getting this. Just give me some good news like we dont have to wait for a 360 port. Very upsetting.

alpham23569d ago

Pennywise. A few sites including IGN had reported that during the Namco Bandai TGS press conference there was no mention of a PS3 version.

Pennywise3569d ago

Well, they are stupid and looking for hits. This was never a doubt to ANYONE. The Tekken arcade machines have PS3 hardware in them.

xaphanze3569d ago

Wow thank you Namco Bandai.


muddygamesite3569d ago

Its actually getting to the point where i will only be purchasing exclusive 1st and 2nd party titles

LoVeRSaMa3569d ago

I am the same, almost from now on, ill only be buying 1st and 2nd party titles :)

zenosaga043569d ago

Exactly, I only purchase exclusives

ReBurn3569d ago

Why would you deny yourselves awesome games by not getting multiplats? You'd miss great stuff like Burnout Paradise.

Wolf8733569d ago

content wise it might hurt PS3 if all games started to look for how to equalize games on 360 in accordance with PS3. Not saying they shouldn't come to 360, but to maximize the game's potential for PS3.

Pennywise3569d ago

Its a fighting game.... In the past I have always commented about 360 gimping PS3 games, but this game is optimized for Ps3 and I dont think content will be hurt.

gamersday083569d ago

Bubble for you sir......:)

Let's hope Namco will not compromise the PS3 version to level down with the 360 version.

I hate to see a game with great potential being scaled down intentionally to compromise with the limitation of other consoles.

At the other hand, I can already forsee Tekken 6 will be another game CORE will not enjoy.

PimpHandStrong3569d ago

fuk them

im not buying it

the could make it a 360 exclusive if they dam well please! You mean to tell me its going to take 3 years to get a full blown tekken to the Playstation

they can fuk off

Aclay3569d ago

I know what you mean. The PS3 version of Tekken 6 is probably already finished or near completion. Namco should just release the PS3 version of Tekken 6 when it's ready and release the 360 version whenever it's done Fall 2009.

Harry1903569d ago

You usually get a new Tekken with each Playstation launch. A little too late perhaps. Lots of game are taking too long this gen.

mboojigga3569d ago

Some of you come up with the most idiotic reasons and don't bother to here the responses or reasons from the actual company or developers. It is always MS fault. The game has been in development or unavailable for 2 years now since announced. Way before we got confirmation less than 24 hours ago about the 360 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.