6 Underappreciated PS Vita Games

"While the PlayStation Vita is not selling like hot-cakes, there’s still a bunch of fantastic games on the handheld device. We know of great titles like Persona 4: Golden and Uncharted: Golden Abyss; but what about some lesser known fantastic games on the PS Vita? Here are five games on the platform that didn’t get the spotlight they deserved." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984390d ago

People would appreciate Vita more if the memory card prices weren’t so damn high

SickSinceSix390d ago

I was surprised to see a 32GB card for only $10 at a pawn shop this week and bought it. They still cost around $100 new where I live.

Profchaos390d ago

One of my biggest ever gaming regrets is not buying the 32gb card I saw for 30 from a pawn shop

Fist4achin390d ago

Hard to limit to just 6 games. I would think almost the entire vita library is underappreciated. Im sad there are no vita deals in sight for this holiday...

Protagonist388d ago

More like the one of the most Underappreciated systems ever.