Does Pokémon Need Third Installments to Each Generation?

Do the third installments for each Pokémon generation offer value for money, or would they be best sold is a DLC?

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thorstein386d ago

No. It needs a Switch game.

-Foxtrot386d ago

I’m hoping the Switch game is one version being on console and not split up into two versions with different content each

Jaypi03386d ago

I agree, I don't see why someone disagreed though. I'd rather have all the Pokemon in game. I feel like anyone who prefers two versions have successfully been brainwashed into thinking having to buy the same game twice, is a good thing.

badz149386d ago

they make more money that way! they know pokemon fans are the biggest suckers there is. why would they want to put everything in one package when they can sell them in 2?

Shiken386d ago

Gotta say I agree with you. One might say with the implementation of online, trading would be a lot easier so it would not matter anyway.

Though it can also be said that because it is so easy now, that there is no point as well. It just seems like a cheap cashgrab, and would be more obvious than ever before.

-Foxtrot386d ago

I know the Switch can be taken out as a handheld but since it's always called a console first by Nintendo I don't know why they'd stick to the same formula as the handheld Pokemon games

Having two versions was supposed to get you out there and interact with friends and others trading Pokemon you don't have on your version as well as other exclusive things. The handheld helped you do that as everyone would have used their handheld as a portable deivce, I mean hell that's what it was made for.

The Switch is a home console and can be taken out but not everyone uses it as a handheld, just like some would use it more as a handheld then a console. The point is not everyone will be taking their Switch out the house like they did with the 3DS, I mean can you blame them I wouldn't want to scratch my screen and it's a bit bigger then the 3DS meaning it's more of an inconvience compared to the 3DS you could just quickly take out of your coat pocket.

So there's no reason to have two versions anymore, the main things the two different versions brought to the table are pointless now as not everyone will be doing the same thing. Best thing to do is to have one complete version and let people go online in a social hub to meet players and trade with them. New features of online play at home need to be the main focus and that's why they need to have things like setting up your own gym so people can come into your place to battle you.

The Switch Pokemon games are a new age for the Pokemon franchise, I think it's time they changed things up and dropped the two version bullshit, we aren't getting the third complete game anymore so they may aswell stick to the one.

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-Foxtrot386d ago

Yes it should for fans waiting for the full experience

Ultra Sun and Moon were complete rip offs and I’m surprised no ones talking about it, the previous one just came out last year

Zodiac386d ago

The third instillation has always released a year after the original duo, with Platinum being the only exception at about two years. Ultra Sun and Moon may have their own issues, such as the real changes to the story appearing at about 25 hours in, which is why I will most likely not be playing it unless i get it as a gift, but their release date are consistent with how the franchise has always done it.

PixelCrashers386d ago

I'm one of those that didn't play Sun or Moon, so Ultra Sun works for me. Having read about the limited number of changes though, I'm not surprised at all that people are unhappy.

fragglesmurf386d ago

To be fair, the author of this article is talking about it, only one I've seen though.

terrorofdeath386d ago

Business wise - extra money for Nintendo. I guess it's a GOTY edition of sorts.