Magic school game by the creators of Stardew Valley – What we know so far

Spellbound (the working title of the game) is a game currently being developed by Chucklefish, the publishers of Stardew Valley. Being described as 'Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter', the informally announced game is an RPG.

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BenjaMan64325d ago

Looks interesting. I hope it goes well for them.

Servbot41325d ago

Headline and article are garbage. This game has nothing to do with the SINGLE creator of Stardew Valley.

ClanPsi1325d ago

I really wish they would finish Stardew Valley MP before starting a new project. I've been waiting far too long for their unfulfilled promise to be excited for a new project.

That_Guy244325d ago

This is not made by the creator of StardewVally. Just being published by the same publisher. Side note there is only one guy who works on and made StardewVally so its gonna take awhile for multiplayer.

potatoMax325d ago

Multiplayer is actually not developed by Eric ( CocernedApe ) but outsourced to Chucklefish directly.