Switch has been the best-selling console for Thimbleweed Park

NE: "Indie games selling the most on Switch is a trend many developers have been experiencing since the console launched earlier this year. The good news continues, as Ron Gilbert revealed on Twitter that Switch has been the best-selling console his title Thimbleweed Park. Gilbert passed along the news on Twitter: Switch our the best selling console for Thimbleweed Park."

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2pacalypsenow361d ago

"The good news continues, as Ron Gilbert revealed on Twitter that Switch has been the best-selling console his title Thimbleweed Park."

Reading this sentence gave me cancer

strayanalog361d ago

This can't be ignored, so... was it the grammar or the news that gave you cancer?

Prince_TFK361d ago

Maybe because you already have cancer even before reading that?

Cy361d ago

Makes sense. Indie games are small, don't eat up much battery, and they're the best kinds of games to play on the go. Perfect fit for the Switch, really.

Leeroyw361d ago

Yeah I agree. But as a Switch owner, there actually isn't a lot of games out. So of course the good ones are going to sell well. There are still an embarrassingly small list of AAA games for it. Not for a console out 8 months.
I love my Switch but I find the free pass most in the industry give it for content is strange....

361d ago
Gemmol360d ago

Problem with your post and many who make same post is that you forget the 1st year of ps4, and ps3. Majority of the 3rd party games on ps4 and ps3 first year came from ports from another system to help increase the game list

It's like Capcom said about the switch in every system 1st year its ports or remasters that are able to push out quickly, any games built from the ground up usually come the next year or year after, and if the game take too much work to port they would not do it and focus on next year

So how is what they say any different from what you see every other company doing???

So if switch is getting similar treatment than how is it getting a pass

Only difference between switch and ps4 and ps3 launch is that Nintendo got 2 game of year in the first year.

You write AAA game do you know that's opinion, meaning another person can consider a game AAA while other people would not, for example Persona 5 is AAA in many people eyes and in many people eyes it is consider a niche game

So how do we determine a AAA, are we going to be bias and say any game that's not on Nintendo system because Sony fans like to consider every game not coming to Nintendo AAA and then when that game do not sell well and no more comes out they talk bad about those games

From what i read online, some consider AAA game a game where a company spend millions to make, some consider it a game that sell a lot maybe 2 million or more

Zelda fit the first criteria, and splatoon 2 fit second criteria, if this the case Nintendo by themselves created a lot of AAA for switch by itself

Nba2k18 another AAA and so on and so on it sells millions every year

So even if Nintendo missed battlefront or anthem or assassin creed it still have AAA games, they just not your cup of tea but everyone else like them

Prince_TFK361d ago

Yeah right. Nintendo gamers don’t buy third party games. Fake news.


milkshake2361d ago

Ikr? Fifa 18 sold the best on the switch. Oh wait!

Prince_TFK361d ago

Fifa 18 was the best version on the Switch. No content cut. No graphical par back. Oh wait!

Gemmol360d ago

That would be amazing if it happen, the system with the lowest installed based out selling a system with almost 10 times more customers.......

Splatoon 2 already doing the impossible next week it will out sell the best selling game on ps4 in Japan which is dragon quest, and I'm only talking about retail sales which mediacreate only count, so retail sales alone a system with 3 million less customers out sell a system with 5.3 million system owners.....that alone is amazing

And the system.only 8 months old I'm.just shocked

Cmv38361d ago

Never even heard of this game. Is it any good?

Skywalker333361d ago

not just good. very good ;)
but you have to like classic point n click adventures with semi-hard puzzles, it is not the walk in the park of modern games.

Prince_TFK360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I find it abit too difficult compared to modern point and click game due to too many buttons on screen. But if you like classic point and click games like Indiana Jones and Larry Suit, this game would be perfect for you.