Switch battery life ranked by tons of games, based on brightness and Wi-Fi usage

New chart ranks a ton of different games for Switch based on how long the battery lasts.

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strayanalog361d ago

Pretty cool. Now I can't help but think that Nintendo should put battery life details on the back or inside of each game case.

The 10th Rider361d ago

It'd probably be a bad idea since not every battery is going to be exactly the same. An older battery might not get the same usage a brand new one would. If anything they'd probably have to simplify it down to just three categories of power usage or something. "High" usage, "Medium" usage, and "Low" usage.

strayanalog361d ago

Good point. It might be possible to give estimates or an outline, but admittedly I'd go for simplifying the details too. It's Nintendo, though, so I'm sure they could come up with something creative.

Eidolon361d ago

Not to mention software(game and OS) and hardware variations, peripherals and usage.

DrJones361d ago

They shouldn't mention it at all

RommyReigns360d ago

Also dependent on the charge cycle of the battery and the way the battery is charged from the mains.

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PCgamer98361d ago

One of the reasons why I'm waiting for a revision with a better battery life. Only 2.5 to 3 hours for mario odyssey is a deal breaker for me.

nevin1361d ago

2.5-3 hours is short but when and how often would you need more than that?

PCgamer98361d ago

So are you happy buying a smart phone or a tablet with 2 to 3 hours battery life?

CDbiggen361d ago

My phone battery starts to tank as soon as I play any heavy 3D game.

The 10th Rider361d ago


Yeah, a tablet playing a less intensive game typically runs out in around that time. Heck, I only get around 2-3 hours of gaming on my laptop with an upgraded battery.

MasterCornholio361d ago

The only I would like is a longer cord. However while I'm away from a power socket, the battery life is sufficient for me.

Neonridr361d ago

@PCgamer98 - play pokemon go on a phone and watch the battery life tank.

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Shiken361d ago

3 hours is plenty of time to have a chance to plug it in and charge it. When people game on the go, there are few instances where you would actually surpass that in a single sitting. If you are in a spot where you can play longer than that, odds are there is a spot to plug it into and charge while you are playing.

The Switch is just as versitile on the go as any other dedicated handheld. People seem to forget that and try to blow it all out of proportion without even thinking about practical use. Sure the battery life could be better, but it gets the job done and remains convenient.

Most longer play sessions will likely be docked, in which case it is a nonfactor.

cpayne93361d ago

I haven't run into a problem with battery life yet

CDbiggen361d ago

Downvoted by those without a Switch.

UltraNova361d ago

Assuming you used the Switch for 2-3 hrs straight - did it get hot?

wonderfulmonkeyman361d ago

Slightly warm on the back side, but overall the heating vents do their job admirably; I haven't had any major issues with it thus far.

UltraNova361d ago

Thanks wonderfulmonkeyman, good to hear that.

The 10th Rider361d ago

Every once in a while my fans will really kick in. It also gets fairly warm after long gaming sessions. I've never had it where I've touched it and found it "hot". It gets about as warm as my laptop does if my laptop's just sitting around on my lap while I'm web browsing.

Sirk7x359d ago

I've only had it get really warm while docked during a marathon Zelda session, and even then it wasn't alarmingly hot by any means. If you ever get one, a decent glass screen protector is a must though.

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CDbiggen361d ago

I swear I've been getting around 4 hours with Skyrim with full brightness and flight mode.

wonderfulmonkeyman361d ago

A smart phone or tablet isn't going to commonly be used to run games as intensive as Zelda or Mario Odyssey, though.
Plus putting a bigger one into it would risk both a price increase and electronic problems.[overheating most notably, but possibly others.]

They do, however, make battery packs that you can clip onto your Switch in the form of armor cases, so if you don't mind a tiny bit of extra weight, there's one solution for you.

ShinRon361d ago

How often can you play on the go without access to a charger for 3 hours?

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Gemmol361d ago

No issue here, my phone use USB C just like Nintendo Switch, my battery bank that charge my phone is 30,000mah it can keep the switch playing for 20 hours,

If you don't have one, get a smaller size battery bank that can give you 6 to 10 hours for 20 dollars, no one needs to play for 20 hours on the go, doubt anyone trip that long, and if it was you can use car charger or plug it into a wall outlet to play wherever you going on that long trip over 20 hours

And no the wire do not bother me, if you use to charging your phone and seeing a wire connected to it, you will get use to switch being connected to a charger too, same situation no need to make a big fuss