Top 5 Video Game To Movie Adaptations

Hollywood has this innate ability to constantly screw things up, but there are a few glimmers of greatness among the pile of failed adaptations.

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lptmg391d ago

Prince of Persia and Silent Hill over Doom and Resident Evil for sure

LevelSmack391d ago

All were pretty bad lol. The Resident Evil movies are ok though :D.

andrewsquall389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

They are pure garbage with plot elements being complete dropped between movies. Remember when all the lakes and oceans dried up in the third one lol and then it was never referenced again and the world being fine then?

The same director DID make a pretty good video game to Movie and that was Mortal Kombat. There are some great practical effects in that with an awesome looking animatronic Goro. The age rating and stupid "henchman" role they gave to Subzero and Scorpion were the only things that held it back.

chrisx390d ago

The 1st mortal kombat and tomb raider movie was good, resi evil 1 & 2 was ok. Silent hill 1 was good too

Summons75389d ago

Wreck it Ralph isn't a "game to movie" adaptation. Great movie but it wasn't a video game first. Postal and Silent Hill deserve a spot on this list. Resident Evil was utter trash (and so were all the sequels) Doom and Mortal Kombat can stay because they are so bad they are weirdly fun to watch.

BrianOBlivion389d ago

Silent Hill should definitely be on any list of best game adaptations. Max Payne was a severely underrated film that also ought to be on that list. I liked the first Resident Evil film. Great Trent Reznor score.
Doom? That was just garbage. You might as well have put Alone In The Dark right beside it.