Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets New Screenshots and Lots of New Information on Famitsu

Sega released a new batch of information and screenshots on the main protagonists of Valkyria Chronicles 4, the Grenadier class and more.

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joab777359d ago

No kidding. I’ve waited sooooo long for a console sequel. And great game for Switch owners, though they may not see it until 2019z I hope NA at least gets it neat year before the fall.

PlayableGamez-359d ago

Picking this game up on Xbox One X.
4k HDR lets go!

KillZallthebeast359d ago

Finally they're making another proper one.

BenjaMan64359d ago

"Now, before you head to the comments to fight over the best waifu between Riley and Kai..." Huh. They know their audience.

This will be an interesting game.

That_Guy244358d ago

Hmm no pc version announced even after how extremely well the pc version of the 1st one sold. Guess I will be skipping this one o'well the quite a few strategy games coming out next year to scratch that itch.