Ever Wondered How Games With Gold And Playstation Plus Games Get Selected ?

ThisGenGaming says:"In our first interview with Mad Fellows we talked about their game, Aaero (which we rated highly).
Yesterday we learned that they will soon release New DLC for their hit-indie game and we wanted to do a follow-up interview. Since me and Paul had so much to talk about we split the interview in a few parts. While talking to him I thought of an interesting question:

Do you happen to know how Microsoft  &Sony go about selecting their Games With Gold and Playstation Plus games? Do they reach out to developers or is it the other way around and how does the compensation work?"

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bloodyspasm362d ago

Interesting comment raised on Twitter: "Does the same apply for Humble Bundle?"

DillyDilly361d ago

I just figured they find games with the least amount of downloads (games people dont want) & make them free eventually

l3w1s361d ago

Yeah, like MGSV or Until Dawn.

gtxgamer2361d ago

Remember when Sony let us choose which games we wanted that one month? Wish they still did that

Liqu1d361d ago

They did it for a few months. Can't say I miss it since it was just a popularity contest and the worst game always won.

bloodyspasm361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Sounds great to me. Wish they still did that. I've been sitting on some XBL gold cards myself hopibg to see some great games. But nope, just telltale games I already own... Seems like gamepass is canibalizing their best games. 😑

Summons75361d ago

Yeah, I also remember everyone arguing and getting mad when the game they wanted didn't win.

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