Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Xbox One X Shines Over The PS4 Pro Version With Better Resolution

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is yet another game that supports the Xbox One X's hardware. Before the game's launch, Bethesda stated that the Xbox One X patch will push the game to '4K' resolution, however it wasn't made clear whether it will be native or checkerboard 4K.

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pingthing358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

It's the same game, same experience, same review score. SAME, SAME, SAME. And I play on Xbox One X....resolution gate was stupid when Xbox was on the recieving end, it's still stupid now the roles are reversed, and it will still be stupid when Sony release the PS5........just enjoy what you play, and stop counting pixels......SAME!

XStation4pio_Pro358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

its nice to have the performance for those of us who are willing to pay for it and have it support our upgraded electronics. its not just this game and its not just resolution, its textures, its frame rate, its color gamut, its 4k bluray, dolby atmos, its faster load times and smoother animation... don't pretend its resolution-gate all over again. its far beyond that and some of us want the better experience. taking a road trip in a toyota corolla and taking one in mercedes E class both achieve the same goal, but one of them delivers the experience in a superior way. if that didn't matter there wouldn't be luxury cars, or 4k tv's, or iPhoneX's. we would have stopped a long time ago.

xX-oldboy-Xx358d ago

it would also be nice if it was supported by it's maker. Not with BC, not with 4k demos, not with 4k apps, not with 3rd party games.

I'll quite happily play in systems that releas new games and support niche title, because not every gamer is the same.

pingthing358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

We're talking about Wolfenstein2 though bud, it is equally enjoyable on all platforms. Did Breaking Bad or GoT only start winning Emmys when the 4k Blu-ray editions came out? Were they not still great at lower resolutions when they first aired.....the art is the SAME.

OpenGL358d ago

Shame it doesn't have the higher visual settings available in the PC version. Been playing it at 4K60 on max settings with my 1080Ti. No frequent dips below 60fps like on the Xbox. It's nice to have the performance for those of us who are willing to pay for it.

morganfell357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"its nice to have the performance for those of us who are willing to pay for it and have it support our upgraded electronics."

Yeah I own it on PC...see how that works?

Does that make the PC version better than the X1X version?

According to you it does.

Not to me, but by your standard it does.

If you ain't first you're last seems to be your mantra. Does gaming in last place feel okay? Do you still enjoy the games? Well you cannot hide under a rock and pretend the PC doesn't exist. The PC. You know, the platform that gets every 1st party MS game and what used to be called Xbox exclusives. And they look better. And will only get better looking as time passes. So how does that feel? See how ridiculous it is to talk about gaming in that aspect?

DarXyde357d ago

Do you have any examples of games with better frame rate on One X? As far as I've heard, I've seen nothing but improvements to resolution with the frame rate held constant. You're not going from 1080p/30fps to 4K/60fps. At least, in no examples I've ever heard of. Do you have any support for that claim?

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Vectrexer358d ago

Stop your whining! When it was a PS4 Pro versus the Xbox One you was saying just the opposite so you should just get used to it until the next Xbox and Playstation come out the Xbox One X will be the de facto standard for console gaming!

Godmars290358d ago

No. Many if not all in the Sony were saying it didn't matter, while many if not all in the Xbox camp were insisting how cloud distribution would overcome power differences. Then the XBX was announced.

ForeverTheGoat358d ago

Lol now that’s far from the truth.

hamburgerhill358d ago

And cloud still may live up to its potential unlike the cell last generation.

freshslicepizza358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Apparently it doesn't matter now, how convenient. Meanwhile history has shown consumers want better products. Otherwise we would all be watching movies on VHS still.

"No. Many if not all in the Sony were saying it didn't matter"

Many loved the improvements when The Last of Us remaster came out, now many, if not all in the Sony don't care? Sony announced 20% of PS4 sales are for the more expensive Pro so don't tell people nobody cares. Why are you posting here if you don't care in a topic about better resolution?

Godmars290357d ago

"Many loved the improvements when The Last of Us remaster came out"

Those were general performance improvements, frame-rates as well as graphics, from the PS3 to the PS4. And I for one didn't care about it because it was the start of the remastering craze. When general remakes across the industry became accepted.

"Sony announced 20% of PS4 sales are for the more expensive Pro so don't tell people nobody cares."

No one does care. No one talks about Pro sales and the only real reason anyone - you - talks about XBX is belief that somehow a similar 20% boost is going to help a system that's likely half of its own numbers behind.

"Why are you posting here if you don't care in a topic about better resolution?"

I've been tired of the better graphics argument since early PS3/360. Seen it and the likes of MTs only take away from gaming as my voice becomes ever more diminished and outnumbered.

Better to ask why, as you wait and hope for games to prove and justify graphic increases which make 1TB drives inadequate, why are you?

PFFT357d ago


If i remember correctly it was the Sony fanboys that were constantly making fun of the Cloud. And constantly rubbing it on the MS fanbase faces when games looked crappier on the Xbox One. But now that the tables have turned power doesnt matter anymore and the games are the same thing on both consoles. Bunch of Hypocrites.

freshslicepizza357d ago

"And I for one didn't care about it because it was the start of the remastering craze. When general remakes across the industry became accepted."

Accepted? Why are you talking like Yoda. People want better performance, just because you don't care doesn't mean anything in the grander scheme of things. So unless you like hearing yourself I guess your done then.

"No one"

You do not equate to everyone, sorry. Sure the mainstream will continue to buy the cheaper options but the fact is both Sony and Microsoft see a viable market. As does AMD and nVidia.

"Better to ask why, as you wait and hope for games to prove and justify graphic increases which make 1TB drives inadequate, why"

The Nintendo Switch can't even store one game, do you always go off on tangents? Nobody here is asking for your approval or justification. If you are happy with your base system then so be it but again you see to warrant attention. Nothing wrong with having options out there, no need to be bitter.

Godmars290357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"constantly making fun of the Cloud."

Considering that nothing major has been done with it, the expectation was that it would improve Xbox games by a factor of 50, your point? No other title has used cloud servers and as the flagship title for it MS have backed off from claims for CD3.

"no need to be bitter."

Not a COD/FPS fan, not really into first-person perspective in general, nor am I into community/multiplayer. And I've only seen focus on those trends, plus the iOS P2W mentality take away from what use to be traditional gaming. Less options than come at extra costs.

So when most Xbox I've been dumb enough to comment with can't see past their own console, how a company like MS still has a major impact on gaming while essentially being in third, repeatedly failing to gain industry traction in the industry because of moves like Kinect and always online, don't tell me not to be bitter. You and like-minded others - on both and all sides - are so closed minded, little more than lemmings, you don't even understand what I'm talking about.

(I had to get that out at least once...)

Godmars290357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"And constantly rubbing it on the MS fanbase faces when games looked crappier on the Xbox One."

Cause that BS didn't start when 360-build games were compared to PS3 sub-builds, then died off or switched as devs learned how to compensate.

Again, this graphics BS has been going on since OG Xbox, PS2 and, Gamecube and Dreamcast and is still utter s**t.

357d ago
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Darkwatchman358d ago

I do enjoy what I play. I’m a console only gamer that doesn’t get butthurt when pc versions of multiplatform look significantly better. Technology is cool and interesting and fascinating. I enjoy people that pixel count and analyzing game engines and performance and graphical effects. It’s cool, my dude. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. People like tech and people like comparisons. They’re fun!!!!

MrVux000358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Even tho i agree with your opinion, many others will mention the differences and praise them to oblivion like they make the overall difference *huge*.

I always found it silly when PC,PS4 and XboxOne comparisons were done on multiplat games, fanboys were always raging about the *huge* differences (even before the mid-gen upgrades) when in the end of the day those differences are quite minimal (IMO) when you take into consideration that you need to freeze the frame and zoom it in to notice the mentioned differences.

Unfortunately as it is evident from most of the comments on related discussions, fanboys will continue to be fanboys and there is nothing that you nor i can do about it.

xX-oldboy-Xx358d ago

well said, pixels don't equal better gameplay - regardless of who's pushing the most.

hulk_bash1987358d ago

Why are you whining? It is the same game so play it on whatever console you want to/own. That doesn't change the fact that the Xbox One X has the better version on console, in terms of performance. Just calm down and enjoy the game.

xX-oldboy-Xx358d ago

Yes it does - and let's applaud MS for that. I just expect more from such a large, wealthy company.

It seems their supporters are happy with being drip fed lies and 3rd party upgrades.

Some people are easily pleased I guess.

hulk_bash1987358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

It seems like PS Only Fanboys are super butthurt that the Pro is no longer the top performing console on the market. It's sad that they let something as simple as that get to them so much. IMO, the PS4 still has the most diverse and intriguing fist party exclusives on the market right now so I dont understand why they whine so much.

PrematuaProcrastin8a358d ago

REALLY? I have an X and an s, and the difference between the two is jaw dropping. It is not the same experience at all, the game is blurry by comparison on anything else but the X. Funny how all the same people who were drawing attention to resolution and graphics when Sony's console was winning comparisons all of a sudden now just "want to talk games". Suck it up.

81BX358d ago

Gamers still want to know which version they want to get though.

starchild357d ago

There's nothing wrong with caring about the visual fidelity and performance of your games. Just like there's nothing wrong with caring about high quality audio equipment and how your music sounds. Or how your movies look and sound. Quite trying to demonize something that is totally normal and rational.

If you can only afford a platform with lower fidelity or have some other reason for prefering it that's fine. Just don't pretend that it's all the same. That would be like buying a cheap $400 4k TV at Walmart and claiming it puts out a picture that's equally good as higher rated, more expensive TVs. The problem isn't that you enjoy your tv and that it's sufficient for you the problem is you are trying to downplay much better sets and claim they all have the same picture quality.

KillBill357d ago

Well no, it is only really the same if you play it at the same resolution. I have to imagine you don't play games at 4K to understand where the real difference is easily seen in regards to the resolution. Yes, at lower TV resolutions you will basically see far fewer differences... but on better TVs you will.

Little difference than when many of us talked that they couldn't tell the difference between HD TV and regular TV. Or Bluray vs DVD. Saw it all the time where people claimed it was still the same movie you were watching and wasn't worth it. Yet now even watching regular TV on the cable box you see yourself switching to the HD channel versus the broadcast channel because the HD channel is just that much better experience.

4K TVs are integrating into the market share at a far greater rate than even HD TVs did. And just like with HD TVs gamers really adopted the quickest.

To think just because the game has the same story and same gameplay that it doesn't show a discernable difference when played on a more capable system is just ignorant. Are you saying that seeing a movie in a theater is no different an experience than simply watching it on DVD?

pingthing357d ago

Some articles are just plain written to divide us, They are comparing X to Pro, unless you had Digital Foundrys microscope you are kidding yourself if you say you can tell a difference during gameplay. And yes I play on a Samsung flagship tv, I queued at midnight for my Scorpio Edition, so I get the fanboy brand loyalty 4k thing, but its incremental at this stage in the cycle. Going forward though, a few exclusives or first party games, who knows.

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Cuzzo63358d ago

Well duuuuuh. Its suppose to... Anything new gameplay wise???

pingthing358d ago

Exactly, my old Xbox one got relegated to the the spare room when I bought the new one, the TV in the spare room is a mere 720p.....I've played half the campaign on the old's the SAME gameplay, SAME fun, SAME story..

343_Guilty_Spark358d ago

It would have had the same fundamental gameplay experience if it was on the PS3 or 360.

Septic358d ago

Behold! The power of the BEAST!!! ♏💪

PFFT357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

And the gap will continue to get wider as we move forward.

Lexreborn2358d ago

I remember when systems had same game different versions. Like how Alladin on SNES was different the Sega. Or maximum carnage for snes was different then Sega. Or even how the force unleashed on Wii was different then PS3 or 360.

Now the games are exactly the same with a different pixel count and people are treating it like the games I spoke of.

Destiny1080358d ago

ive never heard a pc gamer complain about 1440p and that seems to be the lowest resolution on ps4 pro

I personally couldn't care less I wont be moving to 4k until free sync tvs are readily available and the ps5 is on the shelf

demonicale358d ago

Why ps5?, blind loyalty is so sad and childish.

Lexreborn2358d ago

From steam stats 1080p is the common spot still. But as it stands I really don’t see anything wrong with 1440p at all. My PC goes to 1440p and the games I got on there play the same at 1440p as they do at 720p or 1080p.

UKRsoldja358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Digital Foundry says ps4 pro drops to a lowest of 2304x129. Ps4 pro can't even maintain 1440p...

Lexreborn2357d ago

@UKRsoldja there is no such drop to 2304x129 because that’s not a resolution. However you know that base Xbox that everyone actually has? That runabout at a super sweet 810p.. unless you feel like trading your base in and spending 500 bucks to try and reach your wanted standard.

Anyone who owns a pro aren’t getting upset with what it does. I know I’m not.

UKRsoldja351d ago

That was a typo. 1296p. Btw, I own a pro and have mixed feelings about it so stop assuming things.

358d ago
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