Star Wars Battlefront II Review - PlayStation Universe

PlayStation Universe: "A highly entertaining Star Wars shooter with polish for days finds itself blemished by boorish progression systems and uneven game modes. That said, in its current form, I greatly enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront II and chances are, if you have a hankering for a mostly well-executed and enjoyable Star Wars FPS, you will too."

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EthanE90359d ago

Probably the closest review to my own experience of the game. You really described my biggest complaint well when you said arcade mode was boring and lackluster (my words). I would buy the game right now if they fix this aspect of the game. It’s worth a rent from Redbox for $3 for sure.

_-EDMIX-_359d ago

I didn't play arcade mode yet, but this review is not making me want to any time soon lol I want them to seriously update the progression system as I'm putting this game down until they do, I have other titles to play in the mean time.

I liked the single player though