There Are This Many PSone Games On PS3 (In Japan)

TOKYO -- don't think Sony should go passing out this pamphlet about Game Archives, the service that lets PlayStation 3 and PSP owners download classic PSone games, to foreigners. It only makes us feel terrible about ourselves.

I mean, seriously. Gaze and weep upon the 239 different PSone games, from Metal Gear Solid to Resident Evil and even crazier games like Einhander and Policenauts, that you can download to your Sony platform of choice if you live in Japan. And of course, in the U.S. there are... a dozen? If that.

(I do feel kind of compelled to point out that not even Japan has Riiiidge Racerrrrr, yet.)

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AllseeingEye3482d ago

I'm sure it has something to do with licensing but come on Sony.

Nineball21123482d ago

I don't have any idea what the issue is with letting other regions have the same access to those titles, but I think it would really increase the PSN downloads.

I know there are probably lots of older PS1 games that I'd like to try out.

CloudsEnd3482d ago

Everytime im in the JPN PSN Store there are even more PSX Games @@;

SickNick853482d ago

239 ps1 games??? if they add this to eu/us and add best ps2 games the psn will be the best

rogimusprime3482d ago

choosing to ignore their consumer base by not giving a concrete explanation. Let M$ come and scoop up all the money they are leaving on the table because their lawyers suck. I bought castle crashers last month cause there was nothing else to do.

I'm a sony supporter but this is inexcusable. But I've been dying to play resident evil, parasite eve, einhander, omega boost...the list goes on. WTF, sony?

Wolf8733482d ago

Why isn't Sony releasing all these to PSN here in NA and EU? This is seriously inconsiderate of Sony not to release them world-wide. I really want couple of classics like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis on my PS3.

SixTwoTwo3482d ago

There are a F***ton of PS1 games I would buy on day 1 if they ever got released on the US PSN.

Wolf8733482d ago

PSX has tons of fun games to choose from that are still appealing and playable today.

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