Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Announces Free Trial

This is a great game and I hope people give this a shot. It is not like it will cost you anything as Bethesda has announced a free trial for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

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ninsigma25d ago

Sweet. I do like free trials! Have yet to buy this. With so much to play been waiting for sales. Will definitely give the trial a go.

Garethvk25d ago

I hope they are not doing this as sales have disappointed as I want to see the series go on. I hope it is more of the hey, we did not get the hype and attention that some other releases have received but we are solid.

ninsigma25d ago

Well that was the thought that came to my head about it tbh and if you look at the psn black friday sale its had a severe cut to the price. Which I'm sure is a shame, I loved the first game and its DLC.

darthv7225d ago

This gen has really seen a decline in trials / demos and that was one thing i especially loved about last gen. It may just be a taste but it is something that lets the person try before they buy. I have made several purchases of games after having played the demo as the demo is what allowed me to make the decision to invest in the real deal.

some games were ones that I didnt think would interest me until i played a trial version so I commend companies for releasing demos.

StrawberryDiesel42025d ago

Sales are in fact bad. Just because the game is well made does not guarantee it will sell well. Bethesda decided this game could compete against other big titles releasing during the holiday season. Now it has to compete against titles like Destiny 2, Call of Duty WW2, Assasin's Creed Origins, Battlefront 2 etc.

Not to mention the lack of marketing and ads. I don't care how good the game won't sell on word of mouth alone. In addition, it is single player linear FPS with no MP features so it generally lacks replay value. Sadly, i just don't see the free trial doing much to help sales. I will check it out though.

Angerfist25d ago

"Not to mention the lack of marketing and ads"
Where have you been? This Game had a very big online campaign and created alot of attention for its Punch a Nazi stuff and what not. It definetly got more public attention than Destiny 2.

PigsR4Eating25d ago

Personally I am waiting for a sale. Being single player only, there is no incentive not to wait.

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The_Sage25d ago

$30 on PSN right now, ninsigma.

ninsigma25d ago

Yup saw that, thanks man. Waiting for the steam version to go down though 😊

luckytrouble25d ago

You can also get the game for $30 on Green Man Gaming for a Steam key.

babadivad25d ago

Really?!?! Grabbing this before it goes off sale.

Bigpappy25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Yeaaaah! I like free stuff too. Especially when enhanced for the Scorpio. I am not kidding. All the games I am playing on the X are enhanced.

Free Stuff! Free Stuff! Free Stuff! Free Stuff! Free Stuff!.....

Cmv3825d ago

Um.... Okay. Why are you trying to convince us? Lol

The_Sage24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Don't be a tool, Pappy. Less than one fifth of the people here give a Damn about the stupid X. Far less than that care that you have one, my friend. Shush.

ninsigma25d ago

For anyone interested in steam version, the digital deluxe edition that includes season pass has gone down 40 euro from 80 euro.

And I just so happen to have 40 quid in my steam account 😁

fenome25d ago

Is this Europe only? I'm not finding it on the US store.

ninsigma25d ago

Guess it must be. 50% off is what I'm seeing (and have just purchased) and I'm in the euro zone. Maybe other regions deals aren't live yet??

fenome25d ago

Nervermind, I just found it, maybe it was because I was trying from my phone. Got home checked the store and there it was.

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25d ago
Summons7525d ago

Demo's are amazing, even if they try to call them something else.

fenome25d ago

I know right. Surprised they didn't call this a beta even though it's already out, that's been the big buzzword for demo so far this gen. Lol

I do love demos though, there hasn't been very many for some reason.

LoveSpuds25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Cannot recommend this game enough, what a great game.

I have no idea how they managed to mix such a bonkers story, incredibly sensitive/delicate subject matter and OTT action into one game, it shouldn't be possible but you have to give it to the devs, the pulled off an impossible feat.

The_Sage25d ago

This is on my to buy list after the holidays already, but I will be defenatly check it the demo... I mean trial.

Cmv3825d ago

Well its on sale for 30 bucks on psn, maybe other places too. I would buy now if you're sure you're gonna buy. I'm on the fence. This demo should change that.

The_Sage24d ago

I played the demo last night... I'm sure I want it now. Happy Thanksgiving.

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