PS4 vs Xbox One in the US – VGChartz Gap Charts – September 2017 Update

In September 2017 the gap in the US between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One grew in favor of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 sold 120,830 more units than the Xbox One in the last month. The PlayStation 4 sold 1.17 million more units in the last year. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by 2.84 million units.

The PlayStation 4 launched in the US on November 15, 2013, while the Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 has sold 20.16 Million units, while the Xbox One has sold 17.33 million units.

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JaguarEvolved358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Wow, I can't believe the PlayStation 4 total sales are 3 million ahead of the Xbox one sales in the US. The xbox one best territory for sales is the US and it's way behind. Just like Europe, Africa, and Asia the US is a PlayStation nation

Neonridr358d ago

I guess we will have to see if the One X will improve sales over the holiday. Many people will be jumping on 4K TV's this Black Friday and Holiday season. So the One X becomes an attractive target with it's built in UHD player and beefier internal components.

yeahright2356d ago

UHD is in the one S as well, so not that big a selling point for people to upgrade to the X, plus the reviews on Xbox's uhd bluray player aren't good. problem is, aside from a power boost, the one X doesn't really bring anything to the table. We'll have to wait until after the initial sales rush to see if casuals pick some x1x's up. Personally, I don't really see that happening.
People are viewing the 1X as MS's attempt at being a game changer but it was originally intended as a love note to it's most ardent fans.

Neonridr356d ago

@yeahright2 - I dunno.. I mean for all the talk and boasting about exclusives, it's the 3rd party games that sell the best on both the PS4 and XB1. So having a system that will run 3rd party games the best is an attractive option to many. Some games boast some significant improvements over the Pro version as well. So time will tell.

ZehnDrachen356d ago

It won’t even close a 1 million gap.

yeahright2356d ago

It's really not. Here's the thing, third party games are the top sellers, sure. But they're also the lowest sellers. How many 3rd party games have sold more than uncharted 4? compare that to how many third party games have been released total. People forget the sheer volume of third party games compared to exclusives. So if the average games picks up 10 games and 1 or 2 are exclusives, that's still 2 games, 10-20% of their annual library that they are giving up just to say "if I sit close enough to my TV I'm pretty sure this game would look better if I had a PS4 Pro right next to it to compare it to." Why bother spend an extra hundred dollars just to say that while also giving up a significant portion of the games you have access to?
Think about it, would you rather play both wolfenstein 2 and god of war, both at an image you can't tell is not native 4K (meaning you, for all intents and purposes, still see a 4K image), or only play wolfenstein 2 and just know the image would look better if you had the Pro version next to it while wanting to play god of war but not being able to. That is why for many gamers the value proposition of the 1X just isn't there. It may sound like a beaten horse, but throughout all of this "beast" talk and xbox making so many pro consumer moves, they never addressed what the real issue is, a lack of games. I mean, I know I'm not going to, just for prettier pictures, give up, Spiderman, nier, gravity rush, nioh, persona, uncharted, last of us, god of war, horizon, days gone, hidden agenda, until dawn, infamous, ghost of tsushima, bloodborne, Detroit, yakuza and who knows how many other titles that I can't remember. And those are just the ones that interest me. There's still titles like MLB the show, drive club, grand turismo and such. Maybe if I didn't have a gaming PC and had only a PS4, maybe I'd have kept the PS4 and got the X rather than the Pro, but for people who can only afford, or only want one console, ... the X is a harder sell than you'd think, especially if one does their homework.

Neonridr356d ago

@yeahright2 - I brought this up in a previous article. Out of the top 25 selling PS4 games, only 3 are exclusives. And only 1 of those exclusives, Uncharted 4, has a 10% attach rate (over 6 million). So while Uncharted sold really well, Horizon hasn't even cracked 4 million yet and look how highly regarded that game was.

And some One X games boast significant resolution gains over the Pro. Not something you would notice on a 1080p set, but definitely on a 4K set for sure. Considering how much flak the XB1 got at the start of this gen for it's 720p or 900p resolutions when the PS4 was 900p or 1080p it's interesting how we are talking about a ton more pixels between the One X and Pro, but suddenly you have to squint to tell the difference.

But obviously if you are a Sony fan then you will defend the Pro and say that the One X doesn't look much better. Whereas if you support MS then to you it will make a big difference. To each their own, I get the whole fanboy arguments from both sides. But since the majority of games that sell on either of these consoles are 3rd party, it wouldn't surprise me to see the One X do well in that regard.

yeahright2355d ago

Ok, and how many third party games did horizon outsell? Again third party games out number sony exclusives by a wide margin. Think of it like this, If I have 5 games as a publisher and the total released games for the year number over 500. and all my games break the top 50. I'd say I'm doing pretty good by banking on my 5. just because there are 10, 15, or even 20 games that sell more than my top seller doesn't mean my 5 games don't matter much. they still out sold 90% of all other games. That sounds like a great problem to have. Downplaying the importance of exclusives only makes sense to people who want to defend Xbox's lack of games.
Funny, I was one of the main voices defending Xbox's barely noticeable short comings during that resolution gate rubbish. I said back then, on this very site, feel free to hunting for my comments from that time, That it wasn't anything you'd be able to notice. Further that resolution wasn't the reason for xbox falling behind, it was price and their policies, even further, I said ryse was among the top 3 best looking games this gen, beating out multiple titles despite not reaching 1080p. So no, I've been pretty consistent. That last point is the same one I'm using now. A resolution bump isn't the be all end all. That's why games like the order, killzone, uncharted, ryse and others still put the most widely used example, tomb raider, to shame, even on base models of the PS4 and X1. But yeah, we'll see after the initial few months. Like the X1 started lagging behind the PS4 after a while, like the 1S fell back to doing regular xbox 1 numbers after the initial rush and like the switch keeps going strong. Now this is normally where I'd say I want the 1X to do well, but I don't. not for just having a power boost. I want xbox to do well when they start releasing quality games. It's a difference in what message gamers send to the suits at xbox. Do you want them to see people supporting xbox with next to no exclusives and a simple resolution bump, or because they offer fantastic games . I fall in the latter group. that's why I'm far more hyped for that rpg replacing the next forza than for a few extra pixels on assassins creed.

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darthv72358d ago

I can't believe how well the xbo is doing despite the lack of compelling AAA software. the way people talk about the gap it is supposed to be 3-1 or even 4-1 by now but it is just above 2-1 overall.

These numbers also seem to show there is likely more multi-console ownership in the US than the rest of the world seeing as these are only a few million difference.

MasterCornholio356d ago

Never heard from anyone that it was 4:1 just 2:1 or slightly above it. But for comparison sake the last gen systems didn't have a 2:1 difference between them when it comes to total sales. It was actually a lot closer.

DialgaMarine356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Over 2:1 is an insane gap considering both consoles launched only within a week of each other, and have shared the majority of their library. Just goes to show how much quality exclusives will push hardware sales. Also keep in mind that that gap will only grow from here on out as Xbone’s peak sales year was last year, and will be falling off more and more from here on out. PS4 isn’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon, when this year alone it has outsold Xbone by more than 3:1. I would be surprised if the console finishes over at over 3:1.

Bigpappy357d ago

May be, may be not? These aren't official numbers. I would think September numbers would be aloud here, even if there are classified as rumors. But I guess it is not against PS so no one complained and it just got overlooked.

Eonjay356d ago

These numbers reflect NOD leaks. Just because the PS4 is ahead doesn't make a 'matter of fact' article against the Xbox One.

FallenAngel1984358d ago

Wow the gap is approaching 3 million

RAM0N 358d ago

The Gap is getting wider and wider

PhoenixUp357d ago

This is the one region where Xbox One are even relatively close to PlayStation 4 sales